France May Close its Border with Spain following Second Wave of Coronavirus

second wave of coronavirus

The rate of coronavirus infection is thrice the amount it was three weeks ago, a leading health chief in Spain has thus announced that the country may be experiencing the second wave of coronavirus infections.

Maria Jose Sierra is the deputy and emergency health director. She says the country is observing some seriously important outbreaks.

She thinks the outbreaks appear to be the second wave of coronavirus but it will be more certain if it is in the coming few weeks.

She made the important announcement right after a possibility rose of Spain being excluded on Downing Street’s quarantine list. The list implied that if any Brits visited the locations on the list should self-quarantine on their return.

The health official from Spain has never mentioned the second wave of coronavirus before, especially since the rise in the frequency of cases that took place after the country came out of a state of emergency later in Jun 21st.

After the recent spike in coronavirus infections, French officials have considered closing its borders to Spain.

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In the past 14 days, Catalan which borders France has already seen an alarming 7,000 cases of coronavirus infections.

Currently, Spain has discovered 224 clusters of the lethal virus and is dealing with them promptly. This means about three people at least have tested positive for the virus and now are legible to have all their contacts traced.

Salvador Illa is Spain’s Health Minister, he insisted a few days ago that the country was free of threats.

Hours after him, Tourism Minister of the country, Maria Reyes Maroto was helping to soften the concerns over France considering closing the closing of the border they shared with Spain.

She said that the health crisis in Catalonia, Basque Country, and Aragon, which are the adversely affected areas of the nation, were improving their situation with the coronavirus.

This however contradicts the recorded number which has totaled to 2,615 coronavirus cases compared to the daily average from June that just stood with 132 cases.

Josep Maria Argimon is the secretary of the Public Health of Catalonia. He says the health situation in the region is seeing some critical times.

He added however that the situation is different from that they experience in March which was worse considering all the emergency units and ICUs in hospitals were full.

He says people must decide to follow all preventative measures and recommendations to make sure the transmission of the virus is reduced.

In the last 24 hours, Spain’s health chiefs have confirmed on Thursday that 971 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed.

Now the total confirmed coronavirus cases counting ever since the pandemic began have added up to 270,166.

After 55 people tested positive for coronavirus, officials on Thursday closed off one town and barred people from entering or leaving the town that was infested with the virus.

All 32,000 inhabitants in Totana in Murcia situated in southeastern Spain have been asked to not leave the town, travellers are also not allowed to enter.

The outbreak took place in a pub called Dubai and soon after a lockdown was imposed. Now only restaurants or bars with terrace areas where there is 50 percent capacity only are allowed to open.

Whitehall sources revealed a warning at the start of this week saying that Spain could no longer be among the list of those countries which enjoyed exemption from rules of quarantine after its recent rise in outbreaks.

Any further changes will also affect the British tourists who flocked the country after it was presumed to be a safe destination.

Next week there will be a review released that will formally assess the 25 countries where British tourists can travel to without being required to isolate on their return.

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