Former Playboy Model with a Disturbing Medical Condition

disturbing medical condition

Former Playboy model Jessica Landon was living a glamourous life which was fancied by many. All those Playboy Mansion parties, big-money contracts, and a lavish lifestyle is what her fans saw her enjoying. Little they knew is that she was hiding a super disturbing medical condition that started in her mid-twenties.

Jessica was addicted to alcohol and by the age of 26, she used to take Vodka all day which often resulted in injuries and minor health issues. When the problem was out of hands, she was compelled to shift with a friend where she slipped and developed brain hemorrhage. It didn’t look worst at the start but only after a few months, she started drinking again and her body started to collapse.

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Jessica was drinking 24 hours a day which showed up as a horrific and disturbing medical condition. Her body started to change her urine into the acid which in turn started to burn and eat her flesh.

She blames her childhood traumas behind her alcohol addiction as she was molested when she was five years old by her baby sitter. So after she got a hold over her life, she started to treat her body as she wanted.

At the start, Jessica calls herself more of a restrictive drinker. She avoided drinking at the parties and other public events and only drank when she was home and no one was watching. She calls liquor a magic product which makes her forget everything in life including the pain and stress that she felt.

Jessica had an incredibly successful career. She was only 19 when she moved to Los Angeles and soon made her place for Playboy and the Perfect 10. She has also acted in numerous shows at Nickelodeon, NBC, and Comedy Central. Even after everything that she achieved in life, she expresses herself feeling empty inside. That’s when was trying to take help from things like alcohol to come over these thoughts.

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Jessica used to think that the molestation that she suffered was somehow her own fault which is why she tried to give herself a punishment. She often passed out after drinking and woke up the next day. After a few more years, she started to vomit blood which made her life a living hell.

She felt so much weak that it was hard for her to even walk. Many times she urinated on the floor and defecated because she couldn’t go to the bathroom. Her body made her urine acidic and this acid started to burn and eat her flesh and skin on the hip as well we tailbone, which eventually caused a staph infection.

She was living in misery and almost begged an ex of her for help. That’s when the ambulance arrived and she was taken to a hospital.

This incident worked like a wakeup call and she is now recovering from her condition. Jessica aims to help more people who are in the same condition as her and wants to make their life better. She shares her life story with others so that they can learn lessons and make better decisions for themselves.

Liquor is harmful for the health but for some reason alcohol and drugs are glorified unnecessarily which may fool people as a solution for their problems. Only alcohol kills more people every year than all other drugs which is why alcohol awareness is necessary for people of all ages.

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