Fitness Trainer and a Vegan Mommy Drinks “Sperm Smoothie” to Prevent Coronavirus

Tracy Kiss is a 32 years old, mother of two kids from Aylesbury, Bucks. A personal trainer by profession and vegan by dietary habits has found her own solution to prevent coronavirus in this pandemic period. Her solution involves an unusual beverage which she calls a “sperm smoothie”.

Tracy says that this drink might sound odd at first but it actually improves immunity. It has worked for her and she suggests other people drink this sperm smoothie too to prevent coronavirus which majorly affects people with a weak immune system.

The personal trainer is also confined at home like other people during this lockdown. But she has eventually come up with an immunity-boosting drink made of her boyfriend’s semen.

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She explains that any refreshing drink preferably freshly made with a shot of semen improves its nutrition and increases the efficacy of the human immune system. It is a rather bold step that she is encouraging other people to do the same to prevent coronavirus during this lockdown.

Tracy has two kids and she is a pure vegan. She shares that her first exposure to this customized “sperm smoothie” started about three years ago. During all these years, when she was taking this smoothie, she has never caught by flu, cough, or cold.

As this new coronavirus is also linked with respiratory distress and flu-like symptoms, she advises her, the self-invented home-based remedy to everyone with weak immunity.

She takes this sperm smoothie at least thrice a week and calls it a “vegan-friendly” remedy for immunity and health boost.

Tracey discourages people from trying medicines as she believes the pharmaceutical industry is only making money and not practically helping people to find help against coronavirus. Also, they never reveal their actual ingredients and there is no way to tell what’s inside the medicine that you are taking.

It is much better to use something that you fully understand and has no risks. She says her sperm smoothies have no chemicals inside hence they are good for health.

She insists that it is not much different from natural breastfeeding which helps the infant to develop good immunity and all this is possible because of the nutrients inside the mother’s milk.

In addition to drinking the sperm smoothies, Tracey also mentioned that she uses the semen on her face and it helps her to get clearer skin. As to her, this easy home remedy might not sound right to everyone but she didn’t have flu or cold ever since she started using it.

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Upon questioning how to make this smoothie, Tracy says that it is necessary to use the fresh semen as using it after a few hours or stored semen might lose most of its nutrients. She also shares that she sometimes stores it in her freezer using an ice cube tray.

She and her partner (who wish to be unnamed) are in a long-distance relationship hence availability to fresh semen is not always an option. While collecting this semen, Tracey makes sure that her boyfriend is eating healthy and is hydrated enough.

Although it is a controversial subject Tracey is serious about looking into the health perspective of semen. As people are finding new and unconventional ways to prevent coronavirus, using a sperm smoothie might just add up to these unusual treatments.

She would continue to use this smoothie even after the coronavirus pandemic is over. To her, this is a healthy beverage that makes her active, healthy, and young. It is just like any regular smoothie made with natural ingredients.

Tracey advises women who don’t have boyfriends to take help from a male friend but make sure that he is healthy.

She also told that many people consider her sperm smoothie as a joke without realizing that she seriously mean it. just because it is a “taboo” topic, Tracey is not afraid to talk about it. She has indicated her concern of raising awareness and educating people on what they might be missing and thus make a difference.

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