First Man to get a New Penis Made from His Arm Tissues

First Man to get a New Penis

The 45 years old das is the first man to get a new penis made by his arm tissues. The man lost his penis to a nasty blood infection a few years ago. Interestingly, the doctors have given him two more inches in his original. However, he has to manage the next four years with an appendage added to his arm. This new penis had cost him £50,000 which was funded with NHS.

Malcolm MacDonald is a mechanic by profession. He has named his new penis as ‘Jimmy’ which he finds something that is straight out of a sci-fi comic series. Previously, he was suffering from a long term infection which eventually turned into sepsis. It spread to his limbs and penis and left it black. In 2014, one day his penis was completely fell which left him devasted. This infection somehow left his testicles unharmed.

But he was kind of sure of it happening one day so he just picked up the fallen shaft and discarded it. Little that he knew, he was going to be the first man to get a new penis only a few years later.

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The father of two was stressed on his loss and relied heavily on booze till a GP introduced him to David Ralph who is famous as “penis master”. He is a certified professional in phallus re-construction and works at University College Hospital in London.

Before this, dr. Ralph was able to make a ‘bionic penis’ for another patient named Andrew Wardle. Andrew was naturally born without a penis and got his first one by Ralph.

Dr. Ralph explained the whole process of arm grafting protocol and how this whole process will take nearly two years. Fortunately, this insanely expensive surgery was approved and funded by NHS, and Malcolm was delighted on this news. He says that he needed this new penis to excrete himself properly other than mere sexual pleasure.

Life without a penis is awful he says and no doubt it is every man’s worst nightmare. He further said that he didn’t need the new penis for sex only, he has two kids and may not want any more. It is more about his self-confidence and performing simpler tasks i.e. urination for which he desired a new organ.

Before the surgery, Malcolm was in discussion with his surgeons on how he wants his new penis to be. On his request, the size was increased two inches more and Malcolm now jokes about his “designer penis” now.

To build the new penis, the doctors chose his arm tissue considering the skin texture and sensation ability.

The doctors removed a flap of skin from Malcolm’s left arm and used this flap to roll over and make a penis that has complete blood circulation and nerve endings. As the healing may take up to four years, the surgeons didn’t choose his right arm so that Malcolm can do his routine handy tasks easily.

They also designed a urethra and added two tubes inside which were to be inflated using a  hand-pump. So the erections that he will have would be more of mechanical.

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This skin shaft was then cut and separated from his arm, leaving the base intact so that the arm naturally heals itself. After watching his new penis, Malcolm says that he felt kind of proud and decided to name it ‘Jimmy’.

This first man to get his new penis is waiting to have it finally hung on his crotch by the end of this year.


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