Children Play a Role in Coronavirus Spread, says New Study

coronavius spread

Many countries are re-opening schools despite having no end to the pandemic. It has opened a new debate discussing children’s role to spread coronavirus like adult humans.

The new study from South Korea has investigated more than 60,000 contact points obtained from 5,706 coronavirus patients. They were able to see that the personal safety gears i.e. masks and social distancing is extremely efficient in reducing the coronavirus spread. They also concluded that the transmission of the virus through children especially age 10 and more is equally possible as adults-linked transmission.

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The children below 10 years of age have no direct role in viral transmission but it doesn’t mean that the risk has ended. This study has provided much-needed information that should be evaluated before re-opening the schools, preschools, daycare centers, and nurseries.

Another study conducted at the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago also supports children’s role in coronavirus spread. It explains that children below 5 years of age are able to carry a huge viral load than older children and even adults; which is why they may transmit it to everyone they contact.

The coronavirus has almost reached the whole world and so is the researcher’s understanding of COVD-19’s risk for children. Contrary to the previous assumptions, the virus infects children too but their symptoms are not as severe as in seen in adults. But still, there are a few cases of extremely critical children caught with coronavirus some of which lost their lives to it.

Recently, a primary concern in coronavirus infected children has caught up which is pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome. Children suffering from this inflammation show the following signs.

  • High-grade fever
  • Body pain
  • Fatigue
  • Stomach pain and diarrhea
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Pain in neck
  • Tightness in chest

This inflammatory syndrome is relatively rare but if it co-exists it could cause long-lasting effects. Surprisingly, more than 80% of the children within the last two months developed this inflammation and were immediately taken to ICU. The average time for their treatment was seven days and 2% of these kids admitted to ICU lost their lives.

The medical experts have warned children to pay attention to this as the coronavirus transmitted to children could put them to the death bed. It is necessary to know that even the child has mild symptoms, it doesn’t mean that he cant get coronavirus or transmit it to others. With the onset of typical symptoms, he is able to transmit to everyone who is in contact with him. The parents should play a more responsible role and instead of ignoring it, they should seek medical assistance immediately.

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The decision of reopening the schools is somehow debatable as children are not as predictable as humans. They are still amateurs in terms of setting boundaries, following social distancing, or maintain self-control.

In this situation, opening the schools and daycares would require extra effort and care by the teachers, and the administrative staff to make it safe for them. Meanwhile, they must make sure that they are keeping themselves safe too.

Besides, understanding of this virus and treatment is still evolving and this changing information is not reaching to a conclusive end any time soon. The new information on the virus suggests the better healthcare but it requires to put effort and search for the authentic news only.

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