Fauci Believes the US Coronavirus Cases Are a Wake-Up Call

US coronavirus cases

As coronavirus numbers progress in the US, the nation’s best known infectious disease expert, Dr.Anthony Fauci comments on the rising number of deaths saying he hopes that this would prove as a waking call for most Americans on what has become of their reality.

Several states are currently witnessing an increasing number of US coronavirus cases, according to model projects that are being popularly used it is estimated that another 181,000 coronavirus deaths could take place by February alone in the country.

According to Fauci, these numbers should be wake up call for the general public because the US coronavirus cases are on a path to get worse and worse. He thinks this is the worst possible outcome to happen especially as the year progresses into cooler months.

Fauci is concerned that there are still people who believe that official guidelines are asking them for too much, guidelines such as reducing restaurant openings and reopening of businesses are sometimes met with disdain rather than as measures that are desperately needed.

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He says officials like him aren’t asking them to shut down their lives but instead easy public health measures which are quite effective even if they seem simple. He emphasizes that they consistently remind the public because the most successful measures are simple ones.

Effective measures haven’t changed, they are still the same measures experts had been advising people to do such as wearing face masks, avoiding getting too close to people, avoiding large groups, and washing hands more often than one would usually.

Advice for the colder months is that people should try doing their social activities outside if any at all because spending time indoor will only help the virus fester and spread more and more.

Fauci believes people don’t need to worry about doing anything more complicated than this; these simple things are enough to prevent US coronavirus cases to rise more than they need to. If each person does their part such surges could easily be prevented.

By Monday alone the virus has spread to above 7.7 million individuals and killed above 215,000 in the country according to data from the Johns Hopkins University.

The total death toll however can be twice what we see today by the month of February, according to data from the University of Washington’s Institute.

Dr. Richard Besser is a former Director for the CDC, he thinks only the American public can stop such dire predictions from manifesting into our reality.

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He emphasizes that whatever we do truly does matter and that following social distancing guidelines among other simple gestures that we can do besides the ongoing investigation on cases, this could very well come under control. Making sure people have what they require to isolate themselves at their homes will also ensure they can quarantine with comfort and health, all of this therefore could help the US stand a chance against this grave illness.

It is important to understand however that this terrible coronavirus trend is not only being witnessed in the US but also across the globe as cases continue to rise and people continue to ignore or become unable to follow guidelines put in place for their protection.

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