Eating Too Many Apples is Dangerous for Your Health

apple dangerous

Yes, an apple a day can keep the doctor away from you but eating too many apples can be more than dangerous for you. It sounds unbelievable that a healthy fruit like an apple can never go wrong for a person, but it is actually true and nutritionists also emphasize controlling the portion while eating everything.

Most nutritionists agree that eating a maximum of two apples per day is enough for an adult person. Eating more apples than this can cause discomfort and also cause some dangerous side effects.

Here are some of the dangerous effects which you may experience after eating too many apples.

Digestive issues

Apples are high in fiber. Although fiber is a part of daily dietary recommendations but taking it more than its recommended dose may cause digestive distress, constipation, and also bloating. The dietary recommendation for a middle-aged person is up to 40 grams per day. But if this amount is doubled it would be too much to handle.

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However, it takes like 15 applies to get 70-80 grams of fiber and it is least likely to happen. But many people forget that they are taking fiber from other sources like beans, other fruits, or veggies too. So if you combine all of this and it exceeds your daily dietary requirement, you may experience some digestive issues.

Imbalanced sugar levels

Not many people know that eating too many apples is dangerous for a prediabetic or diabetic person because it can affect blood sugar levels. Although eating an apple is linked with an overall good feeling because of its mood-enhancing neurotransmitter release. But if you eat too many apples, there are high chances that your blood sugar will spike and it may also lead you to crave desserts. It suggests that people with certain metabolic conditions should avoid overconsuming apples in any form.

Pesticide damage

According to some recent reports, fruits and veggies contain a high amount of pesticide residues on them even after they are cleaned. It is because of using pesticides during fruit and vegetable farming many of which contain carcinogens.

Although health authorities have banned some of these carcinogenic pesticides you can never be 100% sure about it. So eating more applies also means that you are at a high risk of carcinogenic substances.


Apples are mostly associated with a weight-loss diet because they are low in calories. However, they have high amounts of carbohydrates in them which the body needs to do a number of functions. But when your daily intake exceeds more than two apples, it can lead to weight gain and even obesity.

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When you eat, the body prefers to burn the carbohydrates first to obtain energy. It leaves less probability that the body will use fat to get energy and cause weight loss. So if you are following a weight loss diet, never eat more than two apples per day.

Dental damage

Apples are highly acidic by nature which is why when you eat too many of them, it damages the teeth. To your surprise, this damage is much more than the damage caused by sodas. However, you can lower this risk by using the backside of your mouth to chew apples. Also, you can use apples as a snack instead of adding them to your main meal, to avoid overconsumption.

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