Drying is As Important As Washing Hands To Avoid Coronavirus

The recent coronavirus infection has caused much concern around the world leading to governments of different countries taking drastic measures in order to cut down the risk of the epidemic spreading to their specific region.

In the midst of all the tension and global worry, organization and health experts, including those from the World Health Organization have highlighted the importance of maintaining good hygiene in order to decrease the risk of catching the coronavirus infection.

This includes not only the usual day hygienic practices but also additional efforts for ensuring any type of contagious health issue stays away.

For instance, people who are observed to have the symptoms of the coronavirus infection are suggested to wear properly fitted masks in order to avoid spreading the infection to other people around them.

In addition, the WHO also recommends following other steps such as limiting time spent outside, avoiding public events as well as physical contact even with people who are not displaying any signs.

This is because the infection can also spread from a person with no visible signs. In fact, the latest reports show that it is typically the ones with no symptoms that are spreading infection. Therefore, following the aforementioned steps is important.

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Now, health experts are also emphasizing another significant step that many people are not aware of which is drying hands after washing them.

Previous research has shown that washing hands often and as soon as having physical contact with people is helpful to a big extent in the times of epidemics such as the coronavirus.

Washing hands frequently is also suggested by organizations worldwide and many people are following the instruction. However, a vast majority forgets to dry their hands properly after washing them.

To make the step effective, experts suggest washing hands with an alcohol-based soap which gets rid of microbes present on the hands for at least twenty to thirty seconds and rinsing properly afterward.

A previously-held review has identified the spread of bacteria from drying even after washing hands. Though the study may be based on bacteria, the mechanism can be applied equally to viruses and the spread of coronavirus infection.

According to the researchers in the study, drying hands is particularly important for people in hospitals or medical settings. The use of hand towels and dryers, which are usually present in public hospitals, is not recommended as they encourage the spread of microbes.

Towels and dryers increase the risk of cross-contamination and spread of infection not only in medical facilities but also in public washrooms.

The researchers in the new study, therefore, state that the best way to cut down the risk of avoiding cross-contamination and spread in the time of coronavirus infection epidemic is by using paper towels.

The use of paper towels is recommended by health experts, in general, and also recognized by government policies worldwide as an effective way for the removal of any moisture content that helps in the transmission of harmful microbes.

Therefore, to further cut down the risk of catching the coronavirus infection, the use of paper towels to dry hands after washing them is recommended.


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