The Truth About Lemon Water for Weight Loss

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Lemon has numerous health benefits for which it is often added to various health remedies. It is added into all detox waters, herbal teas, and salads, most of which claim weight loss. But have you ever wondered if lemon water for weight loss a real thing?

The anecdotal evidence suggests its helpful role in digestion, detoxification, and weight loss yet there is no actual study to back up this claim.  A previous study revealed that there are certain antioxidants inside lemons which may help to fight obesity in animal models. But there is no evidence of this effect is exactly the same for humans too.

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So what’s the real function of lemon water for weight loss? this is an antioxidant-rich and low-calorie drink if freshly made. You can add a small amount of sugar into it to improve its taste. For this reason, people like to sip lemon water replacing their regular morning tea.

The American Heart Association suggests only 25g sugar for women and 35g for men daily.

So if a person changes any of his high-calories drink with lemon water, not only he can save 200-300 calories but also the sugar content. One study on understanding the effects of sugary beverages on obesity and changing it with water revealed that it helps in weight loss and management even for highly obese patients.

lemon water is not plain water, but it has a high amount of water in it with controlled sugar, so you can expect the same benefits of weight loss from lemon water.

Another benefit of adding lemon water into a routine diet is that it improves the hydration levels. When the body is into weight loss mode, hydration is necessary to maintain normal body functions. If a person isn’t drinking a sufficient amount of water, his body wouldn’t be able to perform the cellular functions and the availability of nutrients to all body cells will be affected.

Another study using animal studies shows that improved hydration levels can trigger weight loss as they help in fat breakdown inside the body. normally the human metabolism is more influenced by genetics but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be changed. Even if a person starts drinking plain water daily, his metabolism will be improved. Similarly, drinking lemon water boosts metabolism, detoxifies the body, and helps in weight loss.

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One common problem that people on a weight loss diet often experience is unhealthy hunger pangs and cravings. More importantly, a previous study revealed how 37 percent of weight watchers often confuse thirst with hunger and end up eating unnecessarily.

The nutritionists suggest using a glass of lemon water in place of a daily snack, between the meals. This way, it will curb the thirst, provide instant energy, and help the user feel satiated. Additionally, taking lemon water before a meal helps to get full by eating less food.

All this suggests a direct role of lemon water for weight loss. It improves hydration, digestion, and cravings. So there are is a high chance that a person can lose weight by drinking lemon water daily.





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