Coronavirus Pandemic May Not End Before 2024

coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus development is in its final phase and people are hopeful that the pandemic may end anytime soon. But medical experts warn that this virus may not vanish till 2024. Dr. Zhang Wenhong who is the Director of Infectious Diseases at Huashan Hospital in China says that coronavirus may still be around for the next four years. He also predicts that another wave of coronavirus would be here anytime soon.

Its fifth month now that this disease has been declared as a pandemic. But the health experts say that this is only the start. In an interview, he says that it may take up to four years that this virus will vanish. These predictions are on the basis of Dr. Zhang’s individual research experiences in research.

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Dr. Zhang observed his first patient of coronavirus in January before the whole city went into a strict lockdown. Interestingly, it only took a few weeks to control the spread of this virus and major parts of the province started to open again. Now that the virus has spread to other countries, the importance of a vaccine was more than needed which is why top researchers and leading pharmaceuticals started to work on vaccine development.

Most of the researchers are sure that having a vaccine is the only way to control the viral spread but the risk of the second wave still continues. Dr. Zhang says that all governments should be ready to expect the second wave of the virus as it may be here soon.

John Bell teaches Medicine at the University of Oxford. He says that the fall season may be extremely crucial for the virus.

During the live webinar of the Royal Society of Medicine, he says that he is sure about the second wave of coronavirus. But if the vaccine is not here before that, controlling this coronavirus pandemic spread will be a crucial problem.

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This information urges all health experts to follow the standard precautionary measures. It requires all common, public areas to be disinfected completely. There is no news on the vaccine development that when would it be here. However, many companies are now in the final phase of their trials.

If the vaccines are late and the second wave of coronavirus is here before it, there is a high chance that a majority of people are going to get affected. Those who have underlying medical conditions or belong to high-risk groups are more likely to get affected. For them, the only hope to avoid getting the virus is to get vaccines right away.







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