Coronavirus Myths to Crack Before Second Wave of Coronavirus Hits

second wave of coronavirus

Easing the lockdown after months of lockdown gives false hope of security and protection but it doesn’t mean that the coronavirus pandemic is over. With an increasing number of cases every day, medical experts warn that the second wave of coronavirus may hit soon. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that probably the worst is yet to come.

Before it happens, it is necessary to reveal the common myths associated with coronavirus.

Only old people can get coronavirus, young people are safe from it

An overall healthy person has a lower risk of getting any disease, including the coronavirus. But it doesn’t mean that only older people are at a risk because of age-related health problems. The risk is high for people of all ages, and those with low immunity are more vulnerable to it.

While it is possible for younger people to experience mild or no symptoms, and sometimes they overcome it without even being diagnosed with the infection.

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You can not die of coronavirus

Although coronavirus looks like common flu it doesn’t mean that its mortality risk is low. The report from National Statistics (ONS) tells that coronavirus death is now less than normal but it doesn’t mean that there are no more deaths. There is a significant decrease in new coronavirus cases but the pandemic is not over yet.

Face masks are useless for coronavirus

Face masks are not 100% protective against coronavirus but they significantly lower the risk of getting the coronavirus. It is also helpful in a way that they prevent coronavirus patients to spread the virus to others.

Wearing a mask prevents the viral particles to disperse through sneezing, coughing, and talking. That’s why face masks should be worn whenever in public.

Coronavirus always shows its typical symptoms

Usually, it takes 4-5 days to show up coronavirus symptoms but for some people, this time period could be as long as two weeks. Most people develop symptoms within this period and if they don’t, it means they are infected.

There is no information on how many days does it take for an asymptomatic infection to show up. Whenever a person is under suspicion, the best is to isolate for 14 days at home.

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Everyone should be exposed to the virus for acquiring immunity

Even after weeks of lockdown, precautionary measures, the coronavirus cases are not coming slowly thus the experts are predicting a second wave of coronavirus. The re-opening of local businesses is again compelling people to come out of the house yet at a higher risk of the infection. But contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for everyone to get this infection to obtain herd immunity.

Coronavirus doesn’t infect anyone in warm weather

Despite its similarities with the flu virus, it doesn’t reduce in warm temperature. People usually spend more time outdoors in summer which may not allow maintaining a social distancing. That’s why medical experts are warning about the second wave of coronavirus soon. It doesn’t mean that the virus halts its spread in summer. The precautionary measures should be followed completely unless the virus is completely eradicated.

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