Coronavirus Might be a Seasonal Infection, says U.S Researcher

Anthony Fauci is a top-level U.S scientist who has recently shared a statement about coronavirus infection that might be seasonal. Fauci, who is a leading name in infectious diseases research at the National Institutes of Health said in a media briefing that there is a high probability of this virus being seasonal.

So there are chances that coronavirus pandemic stops as soon as the summer approaches but it might return in next winter. The senior researcher was commenting on the urgency and need to find an effective vaccine of coronavirus as soon as possible. He said that;

“What we’re starting to see now… in southern Africa and in the southern hemisphere countries, is that we’re having cases that are appearing as they go into their winter season.”

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He suspects the virus to return in the next cold season too and says that people must be ready for it. In fact, more than people, health care units and health departments should be ready for it.

He said; “And if, in fact, they have a substantial outbreak, it will be inevitable that we need to be prepared that we’ll get a cycle around the second time.

He further adds that; “It totally emphasizes the need to do what we’re doing in developing a vaccine, testing it quickly and trying to get it ready so that we’ll have a vaccine available for that next cycle.”

There are no vaccines for coronavirus that could help. However, two vaccines are currently under testing and trial, one of which is manufactured by the US and the other is manufactured by China.

Although these vaccines making to the human trials is good news but still, it would take at least one year to make it available for human use. Researchers are also trying to find treatment and helpful medicines for coronavirus, some of them use antimalarial medicines such as chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

Fauci also shares; “I know we’ll be successful in putting this down now, but we really need to be prepared for another cycle.”

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These comments by Fauci tell that this virus attacks people in colder temperatures than in a warm and humid climate. The same is proposed by Chinese research but still, it is too early to make a comment on whether or not it is a seasonal infection.

Many experts convey that the reason why it could be a season infection is that the respiratory droplets are able to suspend in the air for the long term when the weather is cold. Also, more people suffer from compromised immunity during winter which gives coronavirus a clear chance to attack and invade people with the weaker immune systems.

Generally, most of the viruses degrade easily and much more fastly when they land on a hot surface. The hot surface makes their outer capsule dry out and shed eventually causing the death of the virus.

But these reduced numbers of patients don’t indicate that coronavirus vanishes completely. Australia has more than 2,500 confirmed coronavirus cases and at least 8 reported deaths, so warm climate doesn’t completely kill the virus. It only makes it hard for it to attack people and survive, researchers say.

There is still a lot that needs to be addressed regarding coronavirus. Making statements based on only one research paper is probably not the best thing to do right now. There are many research centers that are currently studying this virus so that an effective treatment plan could be established. It would be wise to wait for more research results and expert opinions to be shared for confirming whether or not coronavirus is a seasonal infection.

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