Coronavirus in Morocco- Strict Lockdown Imposed in Casablanca

Coronavirus in Morocco

Coronavirus cases are declining in most parts of the world and many countries have lifted or eased lockdowns, suggesting that life is getting back to normal. But the coronavirus cases in Morocco have been reportedly emerged in Casablanca urging the government to impose a strict lockdown.

The schools in Casablanca were to open this Monday but instead, the whole city is under the lockdown again. This lockdown includes a complete ban on movement and a curfew at night time. This new order is imposed for two weeks after which the government will evaluate the situation and decide if they want to prolong it or end it.

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The Moroccan Health Minister, Khalid Ait Taleb says that the city is under a huge risk which is why these drastic control measures were necessary. Without it, there were chances that coronavirus cases in Morocco may rise in the coming days.

The overall coronavirus cases in Morocco showed a huge increase in the last few weeks. This Sunday, the country reported 2,234 new cases which are a record set for the highest single-day cases. But what’s more worrisome is that nearly 42% of these cases were reported from a single city- Casablanca, which is now under strict lockdown.

The population of Casablanca is more than 3.3 million and without any precautionary measures, there are high chances of the virus spreading like anything. With this much population’s health at risk, the strict lockdown seems like the need of time.

The first case of coronavirus in Morocco was reported back in early March. After that, the country has reported more than 72,394 cases and 1,361 deaths. However, these figures only represent the official numbers and not those who never made it to the hospital or were not diagnosed.

The health authorities blame people for spreading these cases saying that the public is not following the standard protocols that’s why the new cases are still being reported.

Casablanca as well as Marrakesh, the two most prominent cities of Morocco were under serious restrictions previously. But these restrictions were eased nearly three weeks ago, after which the new cases started to emerge again.

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The local authorities have decided to shut down all local businesses, reduce working hours, closing down the schools including schools and universities both. These restrictions came forward after the researchers showed a concern that opening the schools and colleges may add up to the infection spread.

All types of movement across the city are prohibited and the traveling is only allowed with permission granted under exceptional reasoning. But this decision to re-impose the lockdown and closing the schools has received huge criticism on social media.

Moroccans are sharing their disappointment over this decision, saying that the government has probably failed to control the situation. After months of staying at home, many of them were too excited to go back to school but now it is all uncertain again. Not only students but their parents have also shared their sentiments over social media on how they are feeling problems to explain this situation to their children who are too young to understand it.

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