Consuming Protein-rich Meals Before Workout Increases Fat Burn

Recently, a new study published in the journal Nutrients shows that people who consume a protein-rich meal before exercising lose more weight and generally burn a higher amount of fat during the workout in comparison with those who have low-protein foods.

To reach these findings, the researchers looked at a total of forty-three individuals. All of these participants were healthy and between the ages of eighteen to thirty-five. They were also further divided into control and experimental group.

The first group received a control breakfast in the morning which consisted of fifty-five percent carbs, thirty percent fat, and only fifteen percent protein in the form of orange juice along with bran bread and peanut butter.

On the other hand, participants in the experimental group were given a high-protein meal replacement, which consisted of olive oil, soy-protein supplement, and low-fat milk. This breakfast had forty-three percent protein, twenty-seven percent fat, and thirty percent carbs.

After one hour and twenty minutes of having breakfast, all participants had a forty minutes workout session which included mild to moderate exercise using a treadmill.

An hour after the workout, the researchers investigated the hunger levels of the participant and found that the group that consumed a protein-rich breakfast stayed full for a longer time in comparison with the control group.

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In addition, the experimental group participants also had increased fat oxidation during and after the exercise session. According to researchers, these findings show that a protein replacement meal can effectively help individuals in maintaining their health and fitness.

For those wishing to lose weight, a combination of moderate workouts with a specific meal may also make a big difference. However, the combination including soy protein supplements may not be for everyone.

Many people may simply not be able to obtain the supplement or not be willing to try out its combination with low-fat milk and olive oil but this does not mean that the potential weight loss strategy cannot be used.

There are a number of other foods loaded with protein. For instance, a combination of foods including nut butter, eggs, black beans, lean protein such as chicken sausage, Greek yogurt, turkey bacon, and cottage cheese can help make any meal protein-rich.

In addition, protein powder can also be used in order to get an extra dose of protein, especially before high-intensity workouts.

While changing diet and planning exercise sessions may help some people significantly, it is also possible that the strategy may not work for everyone. Though the results of the research are promising, they have certain limitations.

For example, the researchers only look at healthy and young individuals. For people with underlying medical conditions or those from older age groups, the results may not be the same.

Secondly, a number of existent health issues may also not allow some people to consume a high-protein diet at all.

Therefore, such people are recommended to not switch diets dramatically without consulting with their doctors until there are further investigation and evidence to show that protein-rich diets are safe for them.



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