Study Proves Weight Loss with Oolong Tea While Sleeping is Real

oolong tea weight loss
Image by bor chen from Pixabay

Do you believe that you can lose weight while sleeping? While it is too good to be true, most people would agree that it is not possible. But a new study has revealed that oolong tea can help in weight loss all hours of the day, even during sleep.

Everyone desires an effortless weight loss but it is a fact that one can never lose weight without controlling the diet and following an active lifestyle. The research team from the University of Tsukuba have worked on oolong tea to know how it may trigger weight loss in its user.

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Oolong tea is a product obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant. Many people confuse it with green tea but oolong tea is different from green tea and black tea. Black tea has dark leaves because of the oxidation reaction that takes place inside them. On the other side, green tea leaves are mild, green, and unoxidized. Oolong tea stands in between black and green tea and it is partially oxidized.

While there is plenty of data on green tea benefits, lesser people know about oolong tea and its benefits for the body, especially weight loss. It is loaded with caffeine which is a natural metabolic booster. But there is proven data suggesting oolong tea to trigger fat burning which is not because of the caffeine. That’s why, the research team focused this study on evaluating oolong tea and comparing it with caffeine intake for metabolism, fat burning, and energy in healthy participants.

The complete study findings are published in the journal Nutrients.

The researchers came to the conclusion that oolong tea produces the same effect as that of pure caffeine on metabolism, fat burn, and energy-boosting. They also concluded that oolong tea continues to benefit the body even when the study participants were sleeping.

None of these things added to the energy expenditure for the body, showing that it is possible for the participants to develop caffeine tolerance in a few weeks. Any disturbance in the sleeping cycle can change the energy and metabolism of a person and caffeine has natural stimulatory effects. It can affect sleeping patterns and may cause insomnia. But there were no significant changes in the placebo group and treatment group suggesting that oolong tea doesn’t affect sleeping routine or cause insomnia.

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Does this mean people should replace their morning coffee with oolong tea for weight loss? probably yes. If someone is aiming for weight loss without making significant changes to the routine, choosing healthier options is probably the best idea.

Oolong tea has high stimulatory effects which last all day, even during sleep. So the weight loss by oolong tea is not time-limited, it is functioning every time. However, researchers have urged people to determine their daily dosage for the tea and adopt other healthier habits too, if they want to see changes on their weights scale.

For the future, a study on a decaffeinated version of oolong tea might help explain how it causes a complete metabolic boost and fat breakdown.



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