Should you Expect a Second Wave of Coronavirus?

The news of new clusters of COVID-19 is sparking a new fire on whether or not there is a second wave of coronavirus coming. These cases are reported from the countries which have now relaxed their restrictions.

Germany, where has now made many of these restrictions flexible, confirms an increase in coronavirus cases, which might be a second wave of coronavirus. In general, a disease declines when the reported cases are reduced with no further rise. However, in the case of coronavirus, this decline is again taking a rise.

The international health authorities have eyes on this virus to see if it brings another wave of the infections. But they are unsure and uncertain about how far it might go. The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson despite having a different plan has announced to maintain most of the restrictions which he calls a ‘road map’ to get rid of coronavirus. Not to forget, the UK has now become the topmost country with the highest number of deaths by a coronavirus in entire Europe with 31,000 plus reported deaths.

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The British government was under the blaze to take this pandemic slow and easy when the whole world was crying over it. Now when most of the countries have controlled coronavirus cases, the UK is still far behind the word ‘control’. After the British PM has been diagnosed with the deadly virus by himself, it seems like the government has changed its policies towards this matter.

On the other side, China, where whole this pandemic started has now reported 14 new cases yesterday, which is the highest number of cases in the last 10 days after the decline. 11 of these cases were from the Jilin province, which has alerted the health authorities and is now considered as a high-risk area.

Bayin Chaolu, secretary of Jilin Communist Party says; “Epidemic control and prevention is a serious and complicated matter, and local authorities should never be overly optimistic, war-weary or off-guard.”

Jilin has a border with North Korea which has declared zero coronavirus cases on multiple occasions. However, international health authorities do not believe it.  South Korea has now confirmed 34 new cases which are the maximum number of cases reported in a month so far.

Many countries in Europe have made their lockdowns flexible and they have announced to be ready for the new infections if any. In Turkey, the older adults are finally allowed to roam outside after a seven-week long lockdown. The second wave of coronavirus here is probably too early.

Germany eased this lockdown after it successfully reduced the daily coronavirus cases to below 1000 first time ever since this pandemic started. However, the German health experts believe that people should still follow the precautionary measures and protocols even if this lockdown is lifted. The German soccer league is resuming this week and many restaurants and shopping stores are now opening. Some of the schools in Germany are all set for a re-opening soon.

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France and Germany both had more or less similar patterns of coronavirus cases but the death toll in France was much higher than in Germany. With more than  26,300 deaths, France is opening schools from this week, allowing students to attend the school after eight weeks long lockdown. The attendance rules would be changed and it is more of a parent’s choice to let his or her kid attend school, for now.

In his latest speech, the British PM Johnson has announced a 14 days mandatory quarantine for everyone who is returning to the U.K. however it is not applied to people from Ireland.

Russia is still struggling with coronavirus cases with more than 1900 reported deaths. The health experts have predicted a rise in cases of coronavirus in Russia but having under-reported cases is another concern that doesn’t give a clear picture of coronavirus in Russia, for now.

Internationally, coronavirus has infected more than 4 million people and killed nearly  280,000 people. More than half of these reported deaths are from Europe. Considering many countries are now experiencing a decline in new cases, but none of them has reported 0 cases, to this day so the second wave of coronavirus is also expected.





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