CDC Reports that Americans are Clueless about Who Infected Them with Coronavirus

coronavirus patients in the US

The coronavirus patients in the US are increasing every day but still, medical experts are unable to determine the infection spread. Nearly half of these patients are not sure of who gave them coronavirus, according to the new Centers for Disease report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This new report is based on interviewing 350 people who were tested for the virus. The purpose of this report was to examine the transmission sources other than the ‘group sites’ like gyms, parks, etc.

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The reports also reveal the risk factors for others. Nearly 17% of the coronavirus positive people were working from home. Whereas the other infected people continue to go to their respective workplaces, increasing the transmission risk to more people.

Going through the previous cases of hospitalization, most of these people were from low-income families and belong to certain ethnic groups; black or Hispanic.

To this day, the coronavirus patients in the US have crossed 2,683,000 and there is no way to tell how many others are at risk. Although the testing facility is much improved and having 400,000 to 600,000 daily tests in the month of June has really helped to identify the new cases. These tests were 200,000 to 400,000 daily in the month of May.

But testing is not the only way to control coronavirus, experts warn. The public has to accept and take individual responsibility for spreading the virus, knowingly or unknowingly.

All US states are trying best to track the cases for identifying people who may be at high risk of coronavirus. In this report, all 350 coronavirus patients were tacked back for tracing the source.

But surprisingly, only 46% of these patients knew where did they get this virus. 45% of these people shared that their contact was someone from their families.

The rest 54% were absolutely clueless on where did they get coronavirus infection.  Overall, 1/3rd of these people reported any of their co-workers having the disease.

Only 10% of them shared meeting a coronavirus positive friend. Nearly 19% of them reported potential sources from other categories i.e. neighbors, inmates, customers, etc.

Surprisingly, a very less number of people reported having coronavirus after visiting any grocery store. It appears that probably food stores are successful in controlling coronavirus cases transmitted within their peripheries.

Most of these people were questioned through phone contact. Yet they reported that they were frequently going outside for work before testing positive.

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People are returning back to their workplaces, all across the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published an entire list that contains recommendations for local businesses to control the infection spread. But there is no information on whether they are following it or not.

This report telling that coronavirus patients in the US were not aware of their infection source is worrisome. It highlights the urgency for contact tracing and investigating the source for controlling the viral spread.

The CDC study suggests that without social distancing, the widespread of coronavirus would never take an end.




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