Can Covid Vaccine Cause Infertility? Doctors Debunk the Rumor

Covid vaccine
Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

Various rumors and speculations are circulating about the Covid vaccine over the past months. Even though most people are looking forward to getting their shots against the virus, some are still not so sure. Meanwhile, people are also raising questions about the mechanism and production of the latest vaccine.

The United States is currently using two Coronavirus vaccines that use the messenger RNA against the virus. This technology stimulates the body to produce an immune response against the coronavirus. Hence, when the real virus attacks, the immune system is already prepared to tackle the infection.

According to the local health experts, many people are afraid that the Covid vaccine will cause infertility in them. This is preventing people from getting this essential shot to control the pandemic. meanwhile, doctors say that this rumor is absurd and has no factual basis for it.

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One of the professors from Eastern Virginia Medical School, Dr. Edward Oldfield said that this coronavirus vaccine does not travel to all the organs of the body to affect fertility. It has no action on the female or male reproductive system. Also, this vaccine does not affect sperm production of the female ovaries.

The shot you get in the arm stimulates the body to act against the spikes on coronavirus. Other than that, the vaccine does not have any function in the human body, explained Dr. Oldfield.

Dr. Michael Charles is a family medicine practitioner and gave his insight on the recent rumors. He addressed that the protein component found in the coronavirus spike has some structural similarities to a portion of the placenta. However, the odds are highly unlikely that the genetic makeup of both of these components is the same.

Dr. Charles also said that the coronavirus pandemic did not affect the population levels around the world over the past year. This shows that the spike in the actual virus or the vaccine does not affect fertility whatsoever.

The infection and the vaccine lead to the production of antibodies against this virus. If the rumor was true, these antibodies would have affected a significant population in terms of fertility.

The doctors gave insight into the effect of the Covid vaccine on the new variants of coronavirus. According to the experts, this vaccine will also defend against the mutated virus strains but they are not sure about the required amount of vaccine for that purpose.

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Even though some people are hesitant to get the vaccine, this is the only way to stop further mutation in the virus. The longer we wait to get the shot, the more time coronavirus will get to spread in more people and mutate further.

Experts suggest that the vaccine has no complications regarding infertility in men and women or childbirth. However, pregnant women should check-up with their doctor once before getting the vaccine. Also, people who face some allergic reactions should consult their doctor as well. Other than that, the Covid vaccine is proven safe for the public by scientists and health experts.


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