Six Best Vegetarian Diets to Try In 2021

Best Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian diets have recently gained more popularity and fame mainly because of their role in weight loss. According to some studies, nearly 18% of the world’s population is vegetarian, which means they prefer eating plant-based foods over animal-based foods. Other than the ethical as well as environmental effects, switching to plant-based diets are linked with numerous benefits such as weight loss, immunity boost, and protection from metabolic disorders. Here is a list of the six best vegetarian diets to try, if you are considering quitting animal-based products.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet

This is a new variant of the traditional vegetarian diet popular for the right reason. In this diet, you can use plant-based substitutes for meat but still eat dairy and eggs from animal sources. The word ‘Lacto’ comes from the Latin word lac meaning dairy/milk. ‘Ovo’ is used for eggs and is a derivation of another Latin word called ‘ovum’ which literally means eggs.

Following this type of diet provides all essential ingredients from plant and animal sources. Most people who choose to follow this diet do it for religious reasons i.e. Hinduism and Buddhism.

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Lacto-vegetarian diet

Number two in this list of best vegetarian diets is a Lacto-vegetarian diet which only allows eating dairy products. It accounts for all dairy products such as milk and all foods which are made using milk i.e., cream, yogurt, dairy, cheese, etc.  There are no meats added to this diet and the followers of Lacto-vegetarian diets don’t eat fish or eggs. It is also preferred by some specific religious groups such as Jainism, Buddhism, etc.

Ovo-vegetarian diet

Another variant in vegetarian diets is the ovo-vegetarian diets where people eat eggs but not dairy products. There is no meat or fish included in this type of vegetarian diet along with milk and milk products. However, people can eat eggs and anything made of eggs while following a vegetarian diet.

Flexitarian diet

Another addition to this best vegetarian diet list is a flexitarian diet which is in between vegan and vegetarian diets. It focuses on eating plant-based foods but also allows small amounts of animal-based products. All vital nutrients are taken from plant sources but the use of meat, eggs, and dairy is kept in moderation.

Most people don’t even consider it a vegetarian diet because it allows eating meat. But it is just a modification of the original diet which is made as per lifestyle changes.

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Pescatarian diet

It is a variation of vegetarian diet which allows to eat fish. Its name is derived from an Italian word called “pesce” which is used for fish. All types of fish are included in this type of vegetarian diet but there are no other animal-based foods added.

Vegan diet

The last name in these best vegetarian diets to try this year is the vegan diet. It excludes all foods which are animal-sourced i.e., meat, eggs, dairy and promotes eating plant-based foods. Some people even stop using honey while following a vegan diet because it is an indirectly, animal-based product.

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