Buckeye Health Plan Signs a Contract with Walgreens to Expand its Network in Ohio

Buckeye Health Plan has signed a contract with Walgreens in Ohio to expand its setup by adding 254 pharmacies in its statewide pharmacy network, which is effective November 21, 2019. This expansion would improve Buckeye’s commitment to increasing the local access to its quality healthcare products and services.

Buckeye is Ohio’s 2nd largest Medicaid managed care plan, which has over 330,000 registered Medicaid members all across the state. This new contract with Walgreens, which is one of the biggest retailers in Ohio, would increase Buckeye’s set-up by 10%. In 2018, the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s Managed Care Plans Report Card ranked Buckeye to be number one in providing quality services.

Since 2004, Buckeye Health Plan is offering planned healthcare services for citizens of Ohio who are on plan “Medicaid”, “Medicare” or “integrated Medicaid-Medicare” (MyCare Ohio) and even those on “Health Insurance Exchange”. For years it has been working to improve healthcare facilities for the locals especially those who belong to low-income families. It provides well-structured healthcare and other essential support plans that help people and their families to enjoy a healthier life.

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Buckeye is an independent subsidiary of “Centene Corporation” that is a top-level multi-national healthcare enterprise. It offers plans like core Medicaid, Medicare, and other specialty services.

On the other side, Walgreens is a highly respected pharmacy retailer in Ohio that would make sure the availability of more options to the local customers. Also, it would be easier for the members to fill their prescriptions whenever needed.

Steve Province, Buckeye’s President, and CEO shares that he welcomes this new step and is honored to serve Medicaid members of Ohio. He also hopes that a new partnership with Walgreens would provide more options and greater convenience to all the members.

Walgreens is one of the biggest drug retailers in the USA. It makes a number of healthcare products available for low communities all across the country. It was also named in FORTUNE* magazine’s “2019 Companies that Change the World” list. It has more than 8 million customers nationwide that includes direct and online customers. It has a total number of 9,277  drugstores operating in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It also offers specialty pharmacy, mail services, and in-store clinics to facilitate all its members.

Rick Gates, senior vice president of pharmacy and healthcare at Walgreens shared his views on this new deal as;

“We look forward to the opportunity to welcome Buckeye Health Plan members to any of Walgreens pharmacies in Ohio,”

He also shared that this decision would increase accessibility to the health services and medications for all patient’s need and this way it would serve all patients in Ohio with great commitment, particularly the Medicaid community.

The open enrolment would take place in November and all eligible members of Medicaid would be able to choose their managed care plan that includes Buckeye Health Plan just by contacting the Ohio Department of Medicaid. For more details, call at 1-800-324-8680.


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