Brazil Announces Second Wave of Coronavirus in the Country

second wave of coronavirus Brazil

After spending months battling with the deadly COVID-19, the deaths in brazil seem out of control. The number of new Covid cases is rising in Brazil again and it has confirmed that the country is now struggling with its second wave of coronavirus.

Brazil is among those countries which were worst hit by the COVID-19 pandemic ever since it started. There are more than 166,000 deaths reported by coronavirus making it the second-highest number of deaths, next to the United States.

The last few months were rather promising in terms of new infections. It started to look like the virus has reached a plateau. But the number of deaths was still constantly over 1000 per day in this country which is home to 212 million individuals.

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However, the death rate was dropped to 350 deaths daily in the last week, which gave a hope that probably the pandemic is near the end. But this week this number has risen to 400 deaths per day again and this number is rising every day. The hospitalization rate has also increased and there is a chance that the country will be in a medical emergency again.

Sao Paulo is the worst state hit the state of Brazil by the second wave of coronavirus. Last week, the hospitalization rate has been increased by 18 percent, showing that new cases are increasing again.

The local state government is trying its best to control the new cases by imposing a partial lockdown. Its nearly been eight months that the pandemic is continuing. Brazilians are scared, stressed, and angry which increases their health risks let alone the coronavirus risk.

The country has reopened all public places in major cities and the public movement is seen as before the pandemic. But this second wave of coronavirus in Brazil may require another lockdown or at least a partial lockdown, closing all these local places again.

In the last three months, there were lesser people suspected of the virus. But as Brazil has entered into this second wave of coronavirus, nearly 90% of the suspected Covid-19 cases are being reported every day.

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Most of these people are young and understand that they have probably contracted the virus because of not following the precautions. The local crowd can be seen not following the social distancing and facemask precautions, assuming that the pandemic risk is over now. Although the hospitals are recording new Covid patients every day, this careless response from the public is causing the virus to spread even more.

As the country is now in its second phase of the pandemic, the viral transmission is higher and less apparent. Right now the country is on a high threat level and now that the testing facilities are decreased, all the positive cases are probably not even being reported.

Brazil has to speed up its controlling measures before this situation goes completely out of control. Right now, Europe and the United States are already battling with the second wave of coronavirus. Without an effective control plan, there are high chances of losing more human lives than the first wave.


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