Aug 24th to be Celebrated as “Kobe Bryant Day”in Orange County

Kobe Bryant Day

Kobe Bryant is the basketball start who has urged many young basketballers to never stop chasing their dreams. After his sad demise this year, Orange County’s board has decided through a vote to declare the date Aug 24th as the “Kobe Bryant Day.”

Bryant who was the resident of Orange County in California loved wearing number 8 and number 24 throughout his professional career.  On the basis of his preference, the board has decided to remember his favorites and celebrate the 24th august as a day to remember him as Kobe Bryant Day.

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Michelle Steel, the chairperson of the county board has conducted this meeting and provided with the explanation, according to The Orange County Register.

Steel has also shared that she was always a fan of Lakers. She also said that the County remembers and regards Bryant as a gem to this community. All his contributions especially to the youth sports academy which was created by him are highly celebrated.

The Board has come up to the resolution that celebrating the Kobe Bryant Day will truly honor and inspire all young people who want to be a basketball star one day.

The board acknowledges that signifying a day to remember the star will positively affect the youth and acknowledge their efforts to whatever dream they are trying to peruse. Everyone should try the chances and everything that it takes to fulfill their dreams.

Although there will be no official memorials or events conducted by the board but on this day, the residents are welcomed to celebrate the basketball start in any way that they want as long as it’s under the legal conformity.

If alive, Bryant would be celebrating his birthday on the 23rd of August. It would be his 42nd birthday this year. Earlier this year, Bryant and his 13 years old daughter Gianna lost their lives along with seven other people in a helicopter crash.

In addition to this upcoming Kobe Bryant Day, there is more than basketball fans would be interested in. Bryant was a five times winner of the NBA championship under the Los Angeles Lakers.

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From August 23rd,  Nike is launching a week-long celebration called “Mamba Week” which will conduct different programs and launch new products, as reported by ESPN.

Not to mention, in entire NBA history, Kobe Bryant is the only person who has retired two numbers from the Los Angeles Lakers. Earlier in 2016, the Los Angeles City Council has named August 24th as the Kobe Bryant Day after his retirement. 


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