Documentary Series Helped a Woman Delivering a Baby in a Moving Car

Documentary Series

Naomi Hubbard, who is a nurse by profession delivered her son in the passenger seat of the couple’s car while her husband was driving. This is not the first time that a baby is born on the way to the hospital but it is the first time a woman has delivered in a car running at 70 miles per hour. The mother shares that tips from a documentary series called “One Born Every Minute” has helped her to deliver this baby by herself.

The couple was sent home from the hospital only a few hours ago and asked to wait for the natural contractions. The couple was inside a Mazda CX5 when the baby son, George was born.

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The couple was consulting Peterborough City Hospital and it is the same place where Naomi works as a nurse. A few hours ago, the delivery she was told that the delivery is delayed but after she reached home, her water broke, forcing her to get back to the hospital.

This is the fourth child of Noami and her husband which came into the world during the 12-mile journey between their home and the hospital. Shortly before reaching the hospital, Naomi told her husband that her baby’s head is about to come out.

Reportedly, she was able to deliver this baby by following the tips that she picked from One Born Every Minute show.

She also managed to untangle the umbilical cord by herself which was wrapped around the baby George’s neck. After reaching the hospital, the staff took over and checked both mother and the baby. George weighs 7lbs 5oz and is a healthy newborn.

Both the husband and wife believe that watching  “One Born Every Minute” a documentary series aired on Channel 4 has helped them to make this delivery possible.

The mother Naomi works as an orthopedic nurse at Peterborough City Hospital. She says that she is a big-time fan of One Born Every Minute where she saw midwives helping with the deliveries. Following the same, she grabbed her baby’s head and made this delivery possible.

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It may feel odd to some people that Naomi is a nurse herself but didn’t know all this procedure. She doesn’t deal with deliveries, therefore, had no experience of self-deliveries.  However, she says that her medical training has somehow helped her. She was able to calm herself and do it all on her own during this intense period.

She has three babies before George but it was the first time she experienced a natural birth. As to her, she wasn’t even expecting how would it go but luckily, the documentary series gave her some idea about it.

The couple left home at 2 am at midnight and their son was after 30 minutes. Baby George is settling at his home with two sisters Poppy and Millie and one brother Harry. Naomi says that her family didn’t believe it but she finds it an interesting story to tell him once George grows up.

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