An Arthritis Medicine ‘Tocilizumab’ Can Help Treating Chronic Covid Symptoms

Tocilizumab for Covid
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A new research trial of Tocilizumab reveals its potential to treat chronic Covid symptoms. The collaborative trial was conducted by the research teams from the UK and Netherlands saying this result is surprisingly effective.

The researchers are extremely hopeful about the benefits of this medicine. Yet they are working on estimating its accurate effect for patient’s survival. Some other experts have warned not to use it unless the complete details are released.

Tocilizumab is a common medicine which is prescribed to arthritis patients. it specifically targets the immune response which is sometimes affected in case of a Covid attack.

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Basically, it is not the coronavirus that may kill a person but the body’s own immune system which sometimes goes against the body and causes problems. the drug trial was conducted and run by the research teams from Imperial College London, Utrecht University in collaboration with the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (UK).

The purpose of this study was to identify the extremely sick patients who are placed on a ventilator for life support. These trials were ended before time as researchers agreed that the evidence to build results is sufficient. The data from 303 chronic cases of COVID-19 showed that this medicine is doing wonders.

This medicine will be prescribed to severely sick Covid patients who have no other treatment working on them. However, these trial results don’t predict the survival rate or the requirement for intensive care. Right now, the researchers can only see that this medicine is doing something, it is not clear if it is saving people from death or improving their immune response and shortening the recovery time.

The research team has shared a hope that probably it can do both, but for now, nothing is clear. These tocilizumab results for severe Covid symptoms are highly encouraging and may become a part of standard Covid care. The official details are not disclosed yet and it may take a few more weeks to completely assessing the complete data.

The estimated cost estimated for this intravenous treatment will range between £500 and £1,000.

Previously, some steroids, mainly dexamethasone was all over the media for saving many lives during the first wave of coronavirus. These steroids also reportedly calm the body’s immune system. This new medicine Tocilizumab works on some specific parts of the immune system which is a complex system in itself.

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Hopefully, this medicine will help to find out the treatment for coronavirus.

Dr. Lennie Derde, a certified medic working at University Medical Center (Utrecht) calls these results amazing. According to Dr. Derde, this medicine can make Covid therapy effective in severely sick Covid patients.

Some other health experts are suggesting to wait for the complete details. Previously, some of the researchers reportedly found Covid treatments but later on they turned out to be limited, ineffective or miscalculated.

Dr. Peter Horby a researcher from the research team which studied dexamethasone for Covid patients says that Tocilizumab for Covid symptoms may provide a better treatment option. He also said that some of the other anti-inflammatory drugs may also reduce the severity of Covid-19 symptoms.


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