The Dark Side of Eating Cereal in Breakfast Every Day

cereal in breakfast
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

How many of you like eating cereal bowl in breakfast every day? While most people believe cereal will improve their digestive health, help them feel fuller for longer, and maintain their weight, not all cereal brands offer these same benefits. In fact, most of them are high in sugar, zero fiber, and no nutritional value for the user.

Health experts urge people to prioritize health over taste and change their dietary habits for once and all. Although the idea of eating cereal in breakfast is cherished throughout the period, from childhood to adult life, this meal is not a very healthy choice to fuel the body with essential nutrients.

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After the incredible progress that the cereal industry has made over the last twenty years, there are dozens of options available, and choosing one from all is mainly based on ‘taste’ and ‘liking’ instead of nutritional value.

Choosing an unhealthy cereal for breakfast won’t make you feel fuller for a very long time. The result is that you will get more hungry even before lunchtime despite eating a full bowl of cereal in the morning. The reason is that most of these fancy-looking cereal brands have no healthy fat, fiber, or protein inside. All they contain is carbohydrates along with a very high amount of sugar, which tends to raise the glycemic index of the body.

Interestingly, eating cereal every day for breakfast can also make you a compulsive eater for the rest of the day. But if you choose healthier options for breakfast you may not eat excessively in the remaining day.  A study from the European Journal of Nutrition evaluates the after-effects of eating a cereal-based breakfast and the eggs-based breakfast on different people. They found that eating eggs made people more satisfied and not craving for unhealthy food throughout the day. However, the cereal breakfast eaters consumed more calories despite eating a heartful breakfast.

Cereals are often considered low-cal and diet-friendly, but in reality, they are neither low in calories nor friendly for any diet. The formulation of cereals in breakfast can make you eat more in the later hours and also cause a sugar rush in the blood. It plays a vital role in obesity and weight gain. Besides, corn and rice-based foods especially cereals can make it impossible to lose extra weight despite following a restrictive diet.

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This risk is highest for prediabetic and diabetic patients because fluctuating blood sugar is most likely to make them extremely sick and vulnerable to an early death. U.S CDC estimates that every one in four Americans are living with diabetes and nearly 1/3rd of the population is prediabetic. At this point, subjecting yourself to get diabetes by eating cereal or any other high-sugar food every day is never a wise idea.

In addition to this, high sugar cereals also increase sugar cravings, which is scientifically proven. A study published in the journal Pediatrics reported that high-sugar cereals increase the sugar consumption of the eater in the entire day and also affect the nutritional quality of the food that they eat.

All of this is enough to stop eating cereal every day in breakfast and switch to healthier breakfast options.


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