All Bars and Pubs Closed in Dubai After Surge in COVID-19 Cases

COVID-19 cases Dubai

Dubai has recently announced to close all the public pubs, bars, and other recreational centres for the entire month amid the increase in new COVID-19 cases. It has shared plans to control all activities involving exposing people to this deadly virus. Reportedly there are thousands of new cases confirmed after the New Year’s celebrations which were attended by people from all across the world.

Dubai sheikhdom has ordered all the local eateries to close their operation by 1 am at mid-night and imposed limitations on the crowd going to shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, and all other public places.

These new restrictions are shortly imposed after an earlier statement explaining that COVID-19 in Dubai is under control and there is a decrease in new cases. It appears that the local hospitals, labs, and testing facilities are under extreme pressure after reporting a high increase in daily COVID-19 cases in Dubai.

This announcement about restrictions has been made by Dubai Media Office, blaming the increase in COVID-19 cases on people who violated the standard precautionary measures urging the city’s rulers to make new decisions about the public places.

The announcement also said to soon introduce more things to control the situation and save people from getting infected with this deadly virus.

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Dubai is world-famous for its nightlife, clubs, and parties making it one of the biggest travel destinations for recreational and business trips. The new COVID-19 cases in Dubai have not only staunched tourism but also affected the economy.

The tourism has re-started after a few months break with New Year celebrations which were attended by international tourists. But this surge in COVID-19 cases might affect tourism, requiring a mandatory lockdown if not controlled.

On New Year’s Eve, people from all over the world partied in Dubai, without following precautions and safety measures. Many countries have openly criticized Dubai for spreading the virus through unsupervised parties and all these attendees took the virus with them to their respective countries, ending up getting sick and infecting more people.

This virus doesn’t include the original coronavirus but also its mutated strains which are identified in various cases.

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Dubai is currently reporting nearly 4000 cases per day, on average. It has also fired the chairperson of the government health body with no real explanation or reason. This ban on bars, pubs, and recreational activities is also in response to controlling strategies trying to save other people.

Any form of live entertainment in restaurants is banned, all non-crucial surgeries in hospitals are delayed and a limit for weddings, gyms malls, and all such places has been released for the public. All this suggests that probably government is in panic after thousands of new COVID-19 cases are being reported every day.

UAE has granted approval to the Chinese vaccine hoping to vaccinate the public as soon as possible. Restrictions like these may affect the tourism and economy of the city but it is necessary for public health and safety.

These regulations will hopefully control new cases, but without public participation and cooperation, it is not possible. Anyone who is found violating these rules will be immediately handed over to the police.


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