Adding Chili Pepper in Your Diet Increases Promotes a Healthy Aging

chili pepper aging

Do know what’s the spice which gives a distinctive taste to you Kung Pao chicken, Indian curries, and a number of other dishes? It’s the chili pepper which not only makes your food deliciously spicey but also has proven health benefits i.e. protection against heart diseases and various types of cancers. A new study confirms eating chili peppers to have a positive and healthy effect on aging.

The previous research on chili peppers highlighted its role to save from heart-related diseases and cancer but this new study by the Cleveland research team explains that it can actually increase the lifespan of people.

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These new findings are insightful and pleasant for people who are struggling with various health conditions, trying to do everything to spend more time with their loved ones in good health. The Cleveland Clinic (Ohio) analyzed the dietary records of the 570,000 people as a part of four studies that were conducted in the US, China, Iran, and Italy. Surprisingly, they came to know that people eating chili peppers in routine live a better and healthier life than people who don’t eat chili pepper or don’t like it.

People who were taking chili peppers in their diet were 26% less likely to die from heart-related complications. They also reported a 23% lower chance of death by any type of cancer and a 25% lower risk of death, overall. Although the choice of food and the cultures varied in all these areas where these studies were conducted, the only similar pattern which connected all these people was the chili pepper in their diet. So does this mean chili pepper has something inside it which ensures healthy aging?

Most health experts would agree on the health benefits of capsaicin, an ingredient inside the peppers. It gives a distinct spiciness to these peppers and is responsible for most benefits of chili peppers. There are so many studies to confirm these benefits.

Some people also claim the anti-inflammatory, weight loss, and anti-cancer properties of chili peppers but none of them is confirmed by the research.

Chili pepper is a common ingredient in Chinese, Indian and Mediterranean diets. Diet carries an important value in terms of good health and lifespan. What a person chooses to feed his body definitely has long-term effects on his health.

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Capsaicin has shown the potential to kill cancer cells in some researches. So the chances of cancer linked deaths reduce if a person is following a chili pepper-based diet.

In addition to capsaicin, chili peppers also have high amounts of fiber, minerals (potassium), and vitamins (A, E, and B6) inside it. some people replace their routine spices and salt with chili pepper which also saves them from the high salt intake.

Cutting the salt for chili peppers is actually a very good idea which can not only limit the daily sodium levels but also provide some essential nutrients to the body. However, eating too much chili pepper is not a wise idea. it can lead to undesirable effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach flu, diarrhea, or heartburn.


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