A Daily Use of Aspirin can Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

aspirin daily

If you are taking aspirin daily, there is something that should know. This simple looking, over the counter medicine, can lead you to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, according to a new study.

People who use it on daily basis live under an impression that aspiring will improve their heart health. the truth is that taking aspirin daily actually increases the risk of internal bleeding and other heart-related diseases. That is why it is better to consult a doctor before you start taking it on regular basis.

For years, doctors have prescribed aspirin to their patients for daily use. it is helpful to prevent the heart attack as well as stroke in people with a high risk of heart diseases. But from 2018, research on medicines and heart health evaluated aspirin as a risk factor for promoting heart diseases if taken daily.

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Despite this research evidence, people continued to use aspirin without worrying about its potential side effects.

The new study conducted by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center reveals that millions of US citizens are consuming aspirin daily most of them have not even contacted a doctor to find out if it is suitable for them or not. This study is published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

These findings are somewhat opposite to the guidelines shared by the American Heart Association which state people especially older adults with or without a heart condition to stop taking aspirin without medical supervision. These guidelines also prohibit people with high bleeding risk to stop using aspirin without consulting their doctor. But it seems like most of the people have completely ignored these guidelines.

Aspirin is helpful for people with a high risk of heart attacks as well as strokes but it is not safe for everyone especially if people are using them on daily basis, without consulting a doctor.

When a doctor recommends aspiring to a patient, he overviews a number of factors such as age, medical condition, risk factors, bleeding risk, etc. But when people use aspirin on their own, they don’t check these risk factors and their only reason to use it is to relieve pain.

This study analyzed the data obtained from 14,328 adults taken from the National Health Interview Survey of 2017. They found that nearly 29 million people are using aspirin daily. Out of these 6.6 million people are using it without consulting a doctor.

Above all, nearly half of the US population over 70 years of age have heart conditions. In this situation taking aspirin almost every day only increases the risks of getting into a fatal condition and nothing else.

This new study also provokes physicians to ask their patients about their aspirin use. They can educate these patients on the uses and side effects of using medicines especially OTC medicines like aspirin.

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Most patients are clueless about what this innocuous pill aspirin can do to them. Although it protects against the blood clotting as it is a blood thinner which has obvious benefits in heart attacks. But its side effects and risks are significantly high with somehow outcast its benefits.

In addition to bleeding and stroke, taking aspirin daily can also damage the GI tract or cause an extreme allergic reaction. Thus it is crucial for doctors to question their patients about medicinal history and educate them about the risks of using OTC without medical supervision.


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