Is Coronavirus Reason for George Floyd’s Death?    

reason for George Floyd's death

Protests are held around all the states of the US after the white officers of Minneapolis police killed a black man, George Floyd. The police arrested him on the suspicion of using a $20 counterfeit bill. The police officer Derek Chauvin compressed his neck using his knee. He passed out after a few minutes and was sent to a hospital. The reason for George Floyd’s death was actually a compression on his neck.

Recently, it was reported that George Floyd was tested coronavirus positive on April 3. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner said that the black man had Covid-19 infection two months before his death.

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Andrew Baker, the chief medical examiner reported that Mr. Floyd did not show any symptoms of the infection but he was the carrier of the virus. Also, his lungs seemed to be fairly healthy in the medical examination.

The medical report of an early autopsy revealed that Mr. Floyd suffered from neck compression and cardiopulmonary arrest which led to his death.

Mr. Floyd died while a police officer held his neck by his knee for more than eight minutes. He could not breathe due to the compression and passed away after that shortly.

Recently, a complete report of the medical examination was released. The report shows that he had other underlying health conditions. Mr. Floyd was suffering from heart disease related to hypertension. His other conditions which include the use of an opioid used to relieve pain. He had fentanyl intoxication and also used methamphetamine recently.

The reason for George Floyd’s death in the report did not include these conditions.

He died on May 25 during his arrest. Four Minneapolis police officers arrested the 46-year-old man. His death led to worldwide protests and outrage among people. Riots are also seen in various states of the US in response to his death.

Mr. Floyd’s family requested an independent autopsy. His family’s attorney revealed the autopsy report. The report shows that he died due to heavy compression on his back and neck and asphyxiation. The reason for George Floyd’s death was heavy compression which obstructed the flow of blood to the brain.

The former police officer, Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck which led to the death of Floyd. On Wednesday, he was charged with second-degree murder and third-degree murder. He is also facing charges of manslaughter. The other three cops were also charged for aiding in the murder of Floyd.

Floyd’s death led to many riots and protests in Minneapolis which spread in all the states of the US. The nationwide George Floyd protests have led the government to deploy 17,000 troops of the National Guard. The police are trying to tackle violent protests in different states.

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The state authorities are currently responsible for controlling the situation in their state. President Donald Trump has warned to involve the military if the protests do not stop. The state authorities are against this action. The Pentagon has also shown resistance towards sending the military to control the public.

George Floyd’s death has led to outrage among people. The public is protesting against racial discrimination in the US. The government is inclined towards using force to stop the countrywide riots.

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