854 Coronavirus Deaths Reported in UK A Single Day

Recently, the UK has reported the highest number of deaths due to coronavirus infection in a single day with 854 deaths recorded in the past twenty-four hours. This is nearly double the number of cases of deaths due to infection reported a day earlier which was approximately 437.

The National Health Service initially confirmed seven hundred and fifty-eight deaths. Ninety-six more deaths were added to the number by authorities in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

According to the health experts handling the cases, patients were between the ages of twenty-three to one hundred and three years old. Twenty-nine of them had no prior health conditions.

These worrying statistics have caused a wave of fear among the people and health care professionals in the UK. Regardless of the preventive measures taken by the government, the number of coronavirus-related cases and deaths has been observed to rapidly rise.

Overall, the World Health Organization has reported that there are now over one million people impacted by the virus and over seventy-five thousand deaths worldwide, making coronavirus pandemic the worst health crisis in history.

While the reports from the epicenter of the infection, which is Wuhan in Mainland China, are positive, the infection has been increasingly spreading in other parts of the world.

Currently, the number of cases is not only going up in the UK but also in other parts of Europe including Spain and France as well as Asia including India and Pakistan.

However, the majority of these countries have been able to cut down the number of new patients of the coronavirus infection. Therefore, there are rising hopes with the fear that the virus may reach its peak in the coming weeks.

Till then, the restrictions on public events, gatherings, businesses, and markets will remain. Most of the offices and educational institutes are also expected to not re-open until three to four months but travel bans may last a long time.

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In consonance with experts, the infection will likely be controlled by the time summer begins but the likelihood of being able to travel especially to European countries like Italy, which is the worse-hit after China, and France is low.

Even after the coronavirus pandemic has been significantly controlled, a number of cases are likely to remain which can potentially play a role in extending the restrictions on travel at a national and international level due to fears of a second wave or re-infection.

At the moment, most of the countries including the UK have imposed national lockdowns which means that only a few shops will remain open till a specific time of the day and people can only leave their houses with an appropriate reason.

The WHO has encouraged and supported countries to follow this step and take other drastic measures in order to ensure the coronavirus infection does not spread further.

With such restrictions in the UK, the report of eight hundred and fifty-four deaths in a day surprises a vast majority of people. However, it should be noted that most of the experts have stated that reports of deaths typically get delayed due to the weekend.

This means that the number of deaths has been noticed to go down from Saturday to Monday but is high again in the middle of the week on Wednesday and Thursday. Therefore, the reports from a single day should not be given as much importance.

As more and more cases are being reported, deaths due to coronavirus infection which had happened earlier are also being added to the number. This usually happens due to a delay in paperwork and workload in hospitals and healthcare centers.




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