CBD And CBG Might Save You From Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic, which began in December of 2019, has now affected almost every country around the world. Statistically, the virus is now responsible for over one million cases and approximately seventy-five thousand deaths.

Consequently, people are now looking for different measures to protect themselves from a deadly infection.

Recently, a number of users of cannabidiol or popularly known as CBD as well as CBG or cannabigerol which are among the eighty cannabinoids identified in the Cannabis sativa plant have suggested that its usage may have additional benefits including protection from coronavirus infection.

Since CBD and CBG both can influence the endocannabinoid system in the bodies, which also regulates the immune system and can help lower the risk of a number of health conditions, there is a possibility it can safeguard from infections like COVID-19.

Currently, there is plenty of medical evidence on the advantages of using CBD but CBG is relatively new and has fewer clinical trials. However, a number of studies on CBG have also highlighted its antibacterial properties and the ability to reinforce the immune system.

Research has specifically identified the benefits of usage of CBG against a type of staphylococcus infection known as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA infections.

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MRSA infections are often difficult to treat along due to their antibiotic infections. Hence, they can also prove to be deadly and life-threatening. The medical literature on CBG shows its use along with prescription medication may make recovery quicker and easier.

A common argument presented by the majority would be that the coronavirus infection is caused by a virus and not bacteria.

Therefore, CBG may not work in a similar way it does in bacterial infections on a person tested positive with COVID-19 but it should also be noted that CBG has also been seen to significantly improve immunity.

Having a strong immune system increases the chances of recovery and lowers the risk of death in coronavirus infection. This is why health experts have stated that people with underlying conditions and older adults with low immunity are the most vulnerable to death due to COVID-19.

Hence, the use of CBG or even CBD can help strengthen the immune system which can also reduce the chances of catching the infection in the first place.

According to guidelines from the World Health Organization, it is important to stay indoors, avoid public contact, and practice good hygiene as well as maintain a balanced diet and workout to stay healthy.

Better health during the coronavirus pandemic ensures that the person has an immune system strong enough to not contract the virus or be able to easily recover even upon catching the infection.

Consequently, taking certain measures, such as using CBD and CBG, can help in avoiding catching the coronavirus infection until the time a virus or a cure is developed.

CBG products are currently not available as the research on it is not a lot in comparison with CBD. CBD is available in a variety of forms ranging from powders, oils, and tinctures to oral options such as gummies and capsules.

While using CBD, it is important to know all about its usage and safe dosage. It is recommended that CBD should be used only after consultation with an expert for safety, to avoid any potential complications, and to know the right sources to obtain the product.

Additionally, people with underlying conditions should not take CBD or any other type of medication without consultation with a health professional. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised to talk to their doctors before taking any similar decisions.

Keep in mind that it is equally important to follow the rest of the instructions even when having a strong immunity including staying indoors in order to avoid catching the coronavirus infection.




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