3 Unusual Things About Covid-19 Vaccine that No One Really Knows

Covid-19 vaccine

The whole world is waiting for the pharmaceutical companies to come up with the Covid-19 vaccine so that this pandemic can be controlled for once and all. Many of these companies are currently in their third stage trials or clinical testing to check the efficacy and safety of these vaccines and some of them have announced to launch their vaccine before this year ends.

The availability of an effective vaccine is surely going to change the pandemic response allowing people to avoid the infection. But it doesn’t mean that these vaccines offer are 100% accurate protection, safety and results if they are here.

The following are three things that people don’t know about Covid-19 vaccines.

It may not be 100% effective

Even if a vaccine is tested safe and gets emergency approval from U.S FDA, what are the chances that it would provide 100% complete protection? What if a person has received the vaccine yet gets the virus? It would be a surprise to many people but this is certainly possible. The efficacy of this vaccine is much lower than other proposed vaccines. It is because this virus is new and there is no way to be sure about its pathogenicity and control with a vaccine that may or may not work on some people.

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It may include two shots

Who likes to get vaccines? Easy guess. No one! But in the case of Covid-19, it may be a problem that it would take two shots for complete dosage. It may also induce side effects to some people, not once but twice. And that’s not all, everything related to a vaccine is doubled for the Covid-19 vaccine in two shots, a few weeks apart. All leading companies i.e. Pfizer’s, BioNTech’s, and Moderna are working on this two-shot vaccine.

It’s the new normal

Although many people are dreaming of a time when Covid-19 would be history and they will go back to their normal lives. However, there are no chances of that happening even if the vaccines are here. It is a long way to determine the efficacy and accuracy of these vaccines which are currently in their phase three trials. At least the next few years may not be going back to normal and things like face masks, social distancing, and hand hygiene may become the ‘normal’ things.

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This whole picture looks so disheartening but there is some good news too. Even if these vaccines aren’t 100% effective, there are bright chances that they will help to control the new cases for a few weeks or months at least. Meanwhile, the researchers can work on modified versions of these vaccines to improve their outcomes.

Once the pandemic is over, there is also a possibility that the Covid-19 vaccine becomes the normal annual vaccine for everyone to prevent catching it. it may become a seasonal disorder like the flu virus and affect only the most vulnerable. But without vaccines available in the first place, all of these things are merely conversational. The real impact is only calculated after the majority of the public is subjected to the vaccine. It is a long way and the best is to wait and see how things go in the future.

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