Are Younger People Among the New Cases of Coronavirus Reported?

new cases of coronavirus

After the end of the lockdown, there have been spikes of coronavirus in all states in the US. There is a rising concern about the growing number of new cases of coronavirus. Health experts warn that if the situations continue to worsen, there may even be a need for the second lockdown specifically in some of the states.

For instance, twelve states in the previous week, including Florida, Texas, and Arizona had record-breaking cases recorded in a single day. Although the governors of these states say that there are better preparations to tackle the virus, the statistics show otherwise.

In nearly all US states, the coronavirus cases and death toll are increasing day by day. However, the only difference between cases now and prior to the first lockdown is the age group.

More and more young people are getting the coronavirus infection now comparatively. The Vice President of the US, Mike Pence recently gave warnings to younger people regarding the coronavirus as cases continue to grow.

In a conference call with the state governors on Monday, Pence stated that people under the age of thirty-five are now more likely to contract SARS-CoV-2.

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Younger people are at a comparatively lower risk of coronavirus complications and death. However, the population under thirty-five is the most active and occupies most of the public spaces.

This means more infections among younger people can lead to a higher rate of transmission. Separate and new measures need to be introduced and implemented now to tackle this new challenge.

The governors of the states of Florida, Arizona, and Texas also agree on the rise of coronavirus cases in younger people.

According to the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, the change in coronavirus trends is significant. Younger people can now transmit the virus at a faster rate than ever before.

On the call, DeSantis explained how the average age of patients at the beginning of coronavirus was above sixty-five. In the months of April and May, more people in their fifties had the infection. Now, it is becoming more prevalent in people under thirty-five.

However, DeSantis also stated the possibility that the rise may simply be due to an increase in testing. Younger people are more likely to get coronavirus testing in comparison with older adults.

On the other hand, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, states that there may be three reasons for coronavirus cases among younger people in Texas: reopening of high schools, bars, and college-level sports.

Bars are the main problem above all which is why they have been closed for another thirty days. According to Abbot, bars did not follow restrictions and had crowds of people inside them. Most of the people visiting the bars were younger adults.

There were warnings by health experts on the lack of social distancing among younger population prior to the call. More and more younger people are neglecting preventive measures and going out.

Statistically, nearly forty-four percent of the new cases of coronavirus in California are of younger people. The cases of coronavirus in younger people in 20s and 30s have reportedly doubled.

This shows that an increase in testing is not the only reason for more cases. The constant negligence of younger people is likely to lead to an even higher number of coronavirus cases.


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