WHO Team Lands in China to Investigate the Origin of Coronavirus Outbreak

coronavirus outbreak
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The coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, China more than a year ago and spread rapidly all over the world to turn into a pandemic. Ever since the outbreak, the mode of life changed as everyone adapted to the “New Normal”.

The investigators from the World Health Organization (WHO) recently started exploring the origin of the pandemic in China. There trying to look for any indicators of how the virus spread and lead to a worldwide deadly disease. Even though the eyes of the world are on WHO for definite answers, the investigators suggest that they will not reach any conclusions soon.

Hung Nguyen-Viet from the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, Kenya, co-leads the Animal and Human Health Program. He said that we should keep a realistic approach to this mission and not get our expectations too high. We might not get all of the answers in this mission but it will help us understand the origin of the coronavirus outbreak much better.

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According to the data, the coronavirus outbreak started from 16 cases in a community of 10,000 people last year. Ever since many conspiracy theories are surrounding the region that suggests the virus was leaked into the said community.

Meanwhile, the Wuhan Institute of Virology gathered numerous samples of the virus that suggest otherwise. Also, China denied these rumors repeatedly and claimed that the viral outbreak originated somewhere else. Both of these stances are yet unproven and do not have any solid proof of them.

The team of investigators from the WHO includes experts from 10 different nations looking for the origin of the outbreak. Along with the experts, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is also looking closely at the research institutes, hospitals, and the market thought linked with the spread of the virus.

The confirmation of the origin of coronavirus requires extensive research and investigation in various parts of the world. Also, further animal samples testing, epidemiological studies, and the genetic analysis of the virus will explain the animal reservoir of this outbreak.

Some experts also believe that the virus could spread from a wildlife animal poacher who happened to trade the animal to the Wuhan market. However, none of these possibilities have any solid evidence to them.

The initial coronavirus cases were reported in 2019 in Wuhan. After these reports, the city underwent a strict lockdown for 76 days. Later, the virus spread to the whole country and resulted in 89,000 coronavirus cases with 4,600 deaths. Most of these cases were reported in Wuhan, the origin of the outbreak.

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The Chinese people are cooperating with the government to control the virus in the country. They will follow the restrictions during the upcoming holiday of Lunar New Year and skip gathering and family visits. Also, the coronavirus vaccine is rolling out in China intending to give 50 million people their shots this month.

Even though the coronavirus outbreak started more than a year ago, experts can not pinpoint the exact reason for this spread. Meanwhile, extensive research and investigation are going on to avoid such outbreaks in the future.


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