WHO Records the Highest Single-day Increase in Coronavirus Cases Worldwide

coronavirus cases worldwide

The World Health Organization has announced the highest single-day increase in coronavirus cases worldwide. It suggests that the virus is not weakening or coming slow, as many health experts were claiming. These 183,000 cases from different parts of the world, collectively give a message that the first wave of coronavirus is still not over.

Among these cases, a large number is reported from Brazil, which is accurately 54,771 cases in one single day. Next in the list is the US with 36,617 cases. India, with a high number of cases in recent weeks, reports third-highest cases, with 15,400 infections on a daily basis.

Dr, Ahmed Al-Mandhari is the Regional Director for WHO. He says with about 6 months into their response to coronavirus, WHO is continuing to learn different and new aspects of this novel disease.
He also added they are collaborating with partners to base their advice on pristine scientific evidence. Basing their advice on reliable evidence will help countries, governments, and the public who receive them. The advice they hope to give is on prevention, diagnosis, treatments, and recovery from coronavirus.

Since the pandemic hit the world at large, the organization has found 8,708,008 coronavirus cases worldwide. The amount of deaths from coronavirus has been gravely plenty, the numbers being as high as 461,715. The fatalities recorded on Sunday alone stand at 4,743.

The Americas have not been exempt from new daily increases either. There have been 116 041 new cases within 24 hours. The deaths that were approximately two-thirds of the number recorded daily are now a number recorded in just 24 hours.

Experts say these rises are due to increased testing and new transmissions taking place in communities.

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President Trump in the U.S says the 25 million have tested for coronavirus. The president blames the rise in coronavirus cases on increased testing. In his statement, he says he would like the testing to ‘slow down’. Instead, of making sure cases don’t appear in the first place, he finds the real problem to be knowing they exist.

The West and South areas of the U.S seem to be observing increased infections. Arizona alone harbored 3,100 cases, just short of the record seen on Friday; the report also includes 6 deaths. Nevada also came up with reports of case numbers as high as 445.

As for Brazil, the country that has the second-largest coronavirus cases after the United States has passed the 50,000 deaths mark on Sunday. Brazil is suffering from not only political instability but also a struggling economy amid a health crisis. The President is waving off risks while the country reaches a dangerous death toll milestone from coronavirus.

On Saturday South Africa reported the highest number of cases in a single day, the numbers nearing 5000 infections alongside 46 deaths from the novel coronavirus.

Countries that previously enjoyed successful recoveries are also under threat. Nations in Asia like China and South Korea were also among those that reported sudden outbreaks on Sunday that could renew their battle with coronavirus.

Authorities in China report 25 new infections, 22 reported in Beijing alone. In the previous week, therefore, Beijing placed restrictions on travel by making sure anyone who arrives or leaves does so by testing negative for coronavirus.

This increase in coronavirus cases worldwide is a reminder for people everywhere that the virus is still here. WHO urges countries to develop a plan of action, preferably by making sure to use the trace, test, and treat strategy. Maintaining an effective strategy can help countries avoid imposing more challenging restrictions such as lock-downs. 




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