Indian Ayurvedic Cleric to Launch first Coronavirus Ayurvedic Medicine Today

first Coronavirus Ayurvedic Medicine

The novel coronavirus virus emerged as a new strain for the world while some of its cousins have hit the humans hard in the past i.e. SARS. While there is no medicine or vaccine for the coronavirus, numerous pharma giants and alternative medicine companies are working to find a permanent solution. In this regard, an Indian Ayurvedic cleric, Swami Ramdev’s company Patanjali is all set to launch the first-ever coronavirus Ayurvedic medicine in Haridwar, India today.

This new coronavirus medicine called “Coronil” will be available in the market right away. Swami claims that this medicine will eliminate the virus within 14 days, which seems like a big promise. However, he didn’t share if there has been any clinical testing for this medicine or not. Most probably these claims are based on assumptions and no actual human trials.

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The key ingredients inside this Ayurvedic medicine for coronavirus are Indian Ashwagandha extract, Giloy extract, and Tulsi extract and numerous other herbal ingredients. The medicine which claims to kill the virus in two weeks only would be launched today at Patanjali Yogpeeth located in Haridwar.

In India, where a large population believes in the healing benefits of Ayurvedic medicine, this announcement has brought joy and excitement.

Acharya Balkrishna, the CEO of Patanjali’s announced it on Twitter yesterday that the company will be launching the ‘Swasari Vati and Coronil’ tomorrow.  This medicine comes with a promise to kill the virus completely and help a patient recover from the deadly coronavirus.

As per official claims, it has brought ‘favorable outcomes’ in primary and secondary level; viral prevention. It might help to control the largely spreading coronavirus cases in India. Yesterday, the single day coronavirus cases in India were recorded to be nearly 15 thousand, which is third-highest single-day cases in the world.

This novel virus started to spread from Wuhan’s seafood market but now coronavirus cases are everywhere. In India, these coronavirus cases are increasing every single day. And there is no potential cure or controlling medicine for it.

At this time when there is no hope on the coronavirus cases, this announcement from the Patanjali seems like promising news. “Coronil” is the name for this new Ayurvedic medicine that could potentially kill coronavirus in 14 days.

It is necessary to use this medicine twice, in the morning and evening for a total number of 14 days. It is expected to show the results within five days of using. However, for patients with severe symptoms, it may take a little longer.

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Swami Ramdev said in one of his interviews for a TV program that this medicine has a 100% recovery rate. And it is one of the most promising remedies among serval others that we were testing to find a cure for coronavirus.

He also said that he is confident that he will recover within a few days by using this medicine, even if he got coronavirus too.  However, there is limited information on whether or not this medicine would be a breakthrough product for coronavirus patients. The role of Ayurveda medicine to improve human health is remarkable. But it is hard to predict whether or not this first coronavirus ayurvedic medicine would be of any help.


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