WHO Believes Vaccine Nationalism Will Help No Country If the Rest Suffer

coronavirus vaccine

Amid growing demands for an effective coronavirus vaccine, a new concern is surfacing about what will happen once one country does succeed in making an effective treatment.

On the topic, The World Health Organization disapproves of what they call “vaccine nationalism” and warn developed countries that if they discover treatments and choose to keep them to their populations, they cannot enjoy safe if poorer nations remain exposed to the deadly virus.

On Friday, the global coronavirus cases have officially passed the milestone of 19 million. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the chief of WHO. He believes it is best if affluent wealthy nations try to help all countries protect themselves against this lethal disease.

Tedros says Vaccine nationalism is not a good idea and it will not be helpful. He emphasizes the idea that until the world does not join hands in recovery it will not recover quicker because our world is a globalized one and economies run hand in hand. It would not be wise to keep only a handful of countries in recovery while others suffer.

Coronavirus related damage will be reduced if the countries that have the means to fund commit to this global fight.

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Currently, several countries are hurrying to find an effective coronavirus vaccine against the virus which has proven lethal to more than 700,000 people worldwide.

A study from the United States says that 300,000 Americans can die by December alone if the leaders of the major cities do not encourage the wearing of masks as a preventative measure.

A team from the University of Washington says 70,000 people could be saved if mask-wearing was more prevalent during the pandemic.

Dr. Christopher Murray is the director of the university’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. He says the United States is experiencing serious rises in cases. It seems that while people do adhere to professional health advice regarding mask-wearing and social distancing when they realize cases are going down, they change back to old habits.

In the United States, above 159,000 people have died from coronavirus so far but in recent weeks it appears that daily coronavirus cases are dropping.

The IHME says cases are falling in former epicenters such as California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. In other states like Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Mississipi, Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Virginia, Oregon, and Oklahoma however, cases are rising.

US congressional Democrat leaders and the White House previously had been in conversations regarding the next package for the US economy but now it appears to have been finished without agreement.

In other countries, the increases in coronavirus cases have also been significant. South Africa has gathered more than 529,000 infections which accounts for 53% of the total continental caseload and the fifth highest in the entire world. It currently has the highest death number with 9,604 cases, followed closely by Egypt which has 4,951 cases and Algeria which has 1,273 cases.

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Meanwhile, in Brazil, there’s another milestone of terrible 100,000 deaths by a coronavirus.

European countries have also reported major increases in coronavirus cases. Looking at these figures makes it certain that the need for an effective coronavirus vaccine has never been more urgent, the world needs it now more than ever. The pandemic will only know an end if the world works together to prevent the virus from taking any more lives.

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