What to Expect After Receiving Second Dose of COVID Vaccine?

Second Dose of COVID Vaccine

Vaccine side reactions are common but the risks with the Covid vaccine are much more important than any other vaccine in history. Some of the people who have received the second dose of the Covid vaccine report chills, high fever, headache, ringing in the ears, nausea, and soreness in the arm caused by the vaccine. None of them report having any reactions like these from any other vaccine and were surprised to see them.

Effects of the second dose of the Covid vaccine are one of the hot topics of discussion right now. Based on the trial results and experience of people who have received it, it has turned out to cause adverse reactions than the first dose of the Covid vaccine.

But why are these side effects happening anyways? the biggest reason why people are experiencing intense reactions after receiving the second dose of the Covid vaccine is that it is boosting the effects of the first dose. The first dose only introduced the body to the coronavirus and helped it understanding it as a threat.

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These reactions don’t imply that the vaccine is going bad or harming the body. According to the doctors, it is exactly what is expected after receiving a vaccine. Only the intensity of these effects is different in different people.

These reactions after getting a vaccine represent a prompt immune response. But it doesn’t mean that people who aren’t experiencing reactions have no immunity or a lesser immune response. Different people take and respond to things differently and it only becomes a problem if the body fails to provide protection against pathogens. Vaccine reactions are no way to judge a person’s immunity.

When the time of the second dose of the Covid vaccine comes, the body would have developed immunity against the virus. The first dose is more of a training thing and the purpose of giving it is to train the body for identifying coronavirus. but the second dose actually triggers the immune system and induces a counter-strategy to turn this invader down.

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While  Moderna and Pfizer, the two companies with approved Covid vaccines, were applying to get their approval, they found that the second dose has caused intense effects in the volunteers who were a part of their trials. Moderna reported them to be ‘grade three’ effects which include body pain, headache, swelling, fever which are more intense than the first dose.

Despite these side effects and reactions which may show up in a person, getting the second dose is mandatory, and skipping it would do no good. The first dose of the Covid vaccine only introduces it to the virus and doesn’t actually build a protective response. Although the risk of intense side effects is still there this second dose will amplify the immune system which is initiated by the first dose. Besides all these side effects vanish within a few hours or days of recovering the second dose. They are manageable with over-the-counter medicines especially painkillers and don’t require emergency care.



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