Daily Caffeine Intake May Reduce Cardiac Failure Risk

cardiac failure

Most people start their day with a cup of coffee to lift their spirits and provide a boost of energy. Meanwhile, the latest study shows that coffee does not only improve your mood but also protects your heart against cardiac failure. The research also shows that only caffeinated coffee and other drinks can serve this purpose.

Dr. David Kao is the senior author of this study. He admitted that the link between caffeine intake and heart failure came as a surprise to them. He also said that the general notion among society is that caffeinated drinks are bad for the body and our heart. Also, most people link coffee with an increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, and palpitations.

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Dr. Kao mentioned that these assumptions are baseless since this research proves that increased coffee intake actually prevents heart failure.

This study was published recently in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure.

Dr. Kao also said that this research does not prove the effect and what causes the benefits for the heart. Also, these findings do not represent caffeine as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle.

He mentioned that a healthy lifestyle such as exercising, maintaining weight, and avoiding smoking have more proven benefits for the heart.

The research included data from nearly 21,000 adults from the US. These individuals provided their data for more or less than 10 years. Also, they participated in three different studies including the Framingham Heart Study, the Cardiovascular Health Study, and the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study.

According to the results from these studies, the intake of at least one cup of coffee decreased the risk of cardiac failure in these individuals. These effects were observed long term and over time.

The findings of the Framingham Study and the Cardiovascular health study show that the risk of cardiac failure decreased 5-12 percent with one cup of caffeinated coffee every day. These results are in comparison to the individuals with no caffeine intake.

The researchers also found that these effects occur only with caffeinated coffee. Hence, decaffeinated coffee does not show the same results. Moreover, the researchers further studied this phenomenon and found that caffeine from any drink or edible can decrease the risk of heart failure.

The authors also mentioned that drinking plain coffee without any dairy or sugars can prove beneficial for the heart. Also, coffee can become a significant part of a diet plan if consumed in plain form without any additives.

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The authors also advise to take dietary supplements, eat fruits and vegetables alongside coffee to maintain a healthy heart. Meanwhile, taking excessive amounts of coffee can lead to disruption in sleep patterns and the overall health of the person. Hence, caffeine in moderation can help lower the risk of cardiac failure along with other nutritious dietary essentials.

According to the authors of this study, people who do not like or drink coffee already should not start the intake after this study. This research is only the starting point of these findings and further investigation will prove the benefits of caffeine.

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