What are the Best Options for Breakfast for Diabetics?

No one can deny the significance of a healthy breakfast as it is the founding meal of the day. But for people who are diabetic, food options, especially breakfast options limit in general, often leaving them confused about what to eat. Eating anything unhealthy directly disturbs the body sugar and eventually, their body has to suffer. This is why choosing a suitable food recipe in breakfast for diabetics is often a tricky business.

Shiimpy Matharu, from “Your Diet Lounge” is a consultant dietician who shares that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it breaks the ‘fast’ of the body. Only a healthy and satiating breakfast could serve its purpose but unfortunately, there are not many options especially when you have a terminal condition i.e. diabetes.

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Breakfast for diabetics is more important as it ensures their blood glucose levels are controlled and they don’t need a high quantity of insulin to control the excessive glucose.

Matharu says that researchers have always focused on the importance of a healthy breakfast for people with diabetes. The fiber in the diet makes the uptake of glucose smooth and hence the blood glucose levels are balanced. It means that the diabetic patient would not require much of insulin to process it.

But the real question here is; what is a healthy breakfast for diabetics? There are certainly not many of the options when most of the dietary ingredients are either unhealthy or need high insulin amounts to digest the food.

Diabetes is not a short term disease, it is more of a lifestyle problem that never leaves a person. So not paying attention to the diet is not an option. And if somehow a person decides not to pay attention to the diet, diabetes becomes invite a number of other health problems many of which are fatal.

They only way to live with diabetes is by working on your body, paying attention to what you eat and pick healthy options instead of unhealthy ones, she says.

The best options for breakfast for diabetics should have the right quantity of fat and fiber in it. This type of breakfast manages the glucose levels in the blood and also ensures good heart health. The only trick is ‘mindful eating’ while planning any meal. Do not consume foods that are high in sugar content.

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As breakfast is the first meal of the day, the body at that time needs something that energizes it and doesn’t cause a ‘problem’. This risk is higher in diabetics because they are generally more lethargic in the morning after waking up from sleep than other, healthy individuals.  Only a nutrient-rich breakfast can help to achieve all these purposes.

She suggests some of the super healthy recipes of breakfast for diabetics.

  • Homemade breakfast bowl- prepare a bowl with your favorite ingredients but make sure that none of them could cause a spike in the glucose level. While there are many ready to eat breakfast bowls available, it is easy to prepare a DIY bowl by adding oats, fresh fruits that are low in sugar, flax seeds, chia seeds, and nuts.
  • Porridge- best breakfast for diabetics includes a porridge bowl which is best to kick-start the day. The perfect combination of milk, grains, and sweetness is high in fiber and doesn’t hinder the body’s glucose. It is easy to find ‘natural sweeteners’ in the form of honey, jaggery, or licorice root.
  • Oats pancakes- these pancakes are a healthy version of the typical unhealthy all-purpose flour made pancakes. Just chose a healthier alternative of all-purpose-flour i.e. oats, coconut flour, or almond flour.
  • ​Fresh vegetable juice- in addition to these, having fresh vegetable juice is also a good choice of breakfast for diabetics. But make sure that the vegetables are fresh, thoroughly cleaned and the juice contains the edible fiber of them too. This fiber would do wonders for regulating the blood sugar without damaging the body.



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