Video of Woman Washing her Groceries Fearing Coronavirus Goes Viral

The coronavirus pandemic has people taking extra precautions out of fear of contracting the virus. For instance, a new video by a TikTok user has become popular for washing groceries. The woman, who goes by the username Smilelop, has shown people how to desensitize fruits and vegetables simply by using a dishwasher.

Since the beginning of the ongoing crisis, health agencies have specifically recommended cleaning groceries properly after buying them. Organizations such as the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention suggest washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

This is because most of the raw foods including both fruits and vegetables are more likely to have the coronavirus. Other foods in packages can be easily sanitized using a cleaner. The disposable packaging can also be simply taken off and thrown in the trash.

However, in the case of fruits and vegetables, sanitizers cannot be used directly. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also does not recommend using soap and water on raw foods directly.

So, what is the right way to clean fruits and vegetables? In the viral TikTok video, the woman shows the viewers a simple hack that can save time and also cut down the risk of coronavirus.

The TikTok user Smilelop shows that she uses her dishwasher to clean groceries. In the video, she arranges fruits and vegetables in the dishes inside the washer. Then, instead of adding regular dishwashing detergent, she adds vinegar in the dishwashing liquid compartment.

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Vinegar and water have been used for the purpose of cleaning vegetables for a very long time even before the start of coronavirus pandemic. The method is useful and works in washing groceries effectively.

Prior to the health crisis, experts suggested washing with vinegar to remove remains of chemicals including pesticides on the fruits and vegetables. At the moment, the hack can be more useful than ever.

The modified version of the hack in Smilelop’s video received mixed videos. Some people applauded the user for showing a way that is ‘much easier’ in comparison with washing with hands. Others also added how using a dishwasher is ‘clever’ and can help in saving time and energy.

On the other hand, a number of viewers also raised several questions. For instance, some people commented on the quality of the fruit or vegetable after they come out from a dishwashing cycle.

One viewer particularly commented on how fruits like berries can get ruined easily in this dishwashing hack while others said that the method is unnecessary. Overall, the video got more positive responses than criticisms.

Washing groceries for coronavirus or simply for the purpose of cleaning using a dishwasher can work. However, in the cycle, many fruits and vegetables are likely to get ruined under the pressure of the water.

Sometimes, some fruits or vegetables may remain unclean and may need to be washed again with hand in the sink. It is up to a person to choose washing groceries by hand or by using this new modified trick with a dishwasher.


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