Vaping is a Risk Factor for COVID-19- Here is the Reason Why

risk factor for COVID-19

Now that everyone knows about the dangers of vape, it is hard to know that someone doesn’t know about the potential side effects associated with vapes. In addition to the already known risks, vapes may be a risk factor for COVID-19 like diabetes and heart problems.

The Health departments have shared the prevention plan regarding coronavirus and how can someone reduce the risk of contracting the virus. It includes washing hands, wearing a mask, following social distancing but it also includes quitting smoke and vape both.

Smoking is a risk factor for COVID-19 and other medical conditions. But now, vaping is also considered a big risk factor for COVID-19, as per a new study. This study was conducted by the research team from Stanford University and the University of California. It reveals that vaping increases the probability of getting infected with the deadly coronavirus especially in young people from 13 to 24 years of age.

A survey was conducted to find out the vaping or smoking habits of the participants and information about their current status and experiencing the COVID-19. They were also asked if they were tested for the virus or not.

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The results from this data showed a strong link between the vape and the chances of getting infected with the virus. Those who have vaped are more likely to catch the virus than those who don’t use a vape or smoke. This risk is seven times higher in the people who use both smoke and vape.

One thing which is unique about this study is that the same likelihood wasn’t seen in smokers. So, the diagnosis is mainly driven among those who vape.

But there are some weird results too. First, the results predict that those who have ever vaped are at a much higher risk than those who are currently vaping. No information and analysis were based upon the flavoring and the types of devices used to vape. So it is hard to say if some flavors or devices were more likely to increase the risk of COVID-19, it is hard to say it.

So what increases or decreases the chances of getting infected with COVID-19? First, vape helps the virus to enter inside the body. usually, viruses are not living when they are outside the host. Once they enter inside, they start replicating and initiate an infection. In the case of coronavirus, the ACE-2 receptor on the cell’s wall helps in attachment and entry.

Those who smoke normally have a high expression of these receptors especially on the lungs cells. It is somehow linked with nicotine intake which is also present in vape. There is a huge possibility of the same risk for coronavirus in vape users which increases their chance of getting infected.

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Secondly, vape directly hits and damages the lungs. Not many people know but e-cigarettes are linked with impaired lung function which makes vape a big risk factor for COVID-19.

Human lungs constantly face pathogens including bacteria and viruses. But the immunity works at its best to remove these pathogens from the body. In case the lungs are damaged by vaping, it allows the pathogenic entry to the body, and the immune response is also reduced. So overall the body faces difficulty to combat coronavirus in this case, which increases the danger for vape users.





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