National Jewish Health Analyzed Cardiovascular Effects of the Most Popular Fad Diets

most Popular Fad Diets

A review study by the researchers at National Jewish Health revealed that most popular fad diets have drastic effects on heart health. Intermittent fasting and the keto diet are the most popular weight-loss diets and millions of people try to follow them to get their desired weight. The complete study results are published in the journal The American Journal of Medicine (2020).

Although these most popular fad diets are best for their said purposes i.e. weight loss what most people ignore is that they have long term health effects. Some of the foods that these people consume are not heart-friendly and eating a high amount of them every day may increase the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases.

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Generally, high content of fat is linked with weight gain but a ketogenic diet that uses at least 70% fat brings the opposite result that is weight loss. The results of fat on weight are surpassingly believable but this high content of fat also invites cardiovascular diseases such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, etc.

Andrew Freeman, from the National Jewish Health, is the co-author of this new study. According to Freeman all popular fad diets such as keto and intermittent fasting come with lots of promises and benefits but people often choose to ignore the warnings associated with them. Not everyone knows that these most common fad diets can truly damage his health. On the other side, healthy weight loss options such as plant-based diet plans and Mediterranean diet is not only recommended for weight loss but also ensure health safety, especially towards heart health.

Keto diet is a low-carb and high-fat diet that triggers the process of ketosis in the body. during this process, the body starts to burn the fat layers for energy and results in a slimmer body within days. This whole weight loss function is real but losing weight through an unnatural energy source could be risky.

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Those who follow the keto diet or intermittent fasting show some changes in their weight at first but after they continue it for long, they often experience health-related problems. Such most popular fad diets are not healthy in the longer run. In fact, there benefit for weight loss are not studied in detail so the weight loss caused by fad diets could be either linked with the choice of food or simply from calorie restriction.  There is a wide range of possibilities and without investigating it in detail, it is hard to come to a conclusive end.

The type and source of fat consumed in a keto diet is also a main concern. There is plenty of evidence that suggests that type of fat helps to understand its function in the body. but many keto users take unhealthy fat and still expect the benefits. The unhealthy and saturated fat content is worst for the heart and is also responsible for high lipids content in the blood. Following any fad diet let alone the keto diet may narrow and block the arteries and put it, user, at a high risk of death by a cardiac condition.


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