Study Explains Why You Should Never Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach  

coffee empty stomach

What’s better than an aromatic hot cup of black coffee in the morning? Coffee is the most popular and widely used beverage in the entire world. Many people start their day with coffee but the new study emphasizes drinking coffee after breakfast to get more benefits instead of taking it on an empty stomach.

The research team from the University of Bath (United Kingdom), Centre for Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism studied how interrupted sleep and a cup of coffee in the morning improves metabolism. The complete study findings are published in the journal British Journal of Nutrition.

While most people prefer to take coffee on an empty stomach, the researchers believe the best time to take coffee is to drink it along with breakfast or after it. This way it improves metabolism and provides every user a substantial amount of energy that lasts all day.

Even after a poor night of sleep, having a cup of coffee in the morning can help a person feel better without changing the blood sugar level. It is necessary to regulate sugar levels inside the blood to prevent from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, these results obtained from the current study can lead to long term health benefits, considering the wide use and fame of coffee.

To analyze these effects, the researchers investigated 29 participants, all of which were healthy to be a part of this study. These participants were studied under different sleeping conditions and usage of coffee.

Some of them were asked to sleep normally and wake up and drink sugary coffee on an empty stomach the next morning. Others were asked to experience interrupted sleeping i.e. waking up every few hours and drink some sweet coffee the next morning.

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Those who were left were exposed to interrupted sleep and upon waking up they were given a strong, unsweetened black coffee half an hour before taking the regular sugary coffee.

The blood samples were drawn from all participants along with the calorie measurement of the sugar beverage which they consumed in breakfast.

A disturbed sleeping cycle wasn’t behind changing the blood glucose level of a person till breakfast in comparison with people who slept well.

The previous studies reveal that interrupted sleep can affect metabolism but if it is just one night, the same is not true for it. But if someone takes black coffee before taking the regular breakfast, it increases the sugar levels up to 50% till breakfast time. So those who are watching their sugar levels should never take coffee on an empty stomach.

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Coffee has high amounts of antioxidants for which it is considered good for health. But drinking strong coffee before breakfast can lead to insulin resistance. So this new study is helpful to improve the body’s ability to metabolize sugar and prevent insulin resistance.

This day, 1st October is celebrated as International Coffee Day. It is to acknowledge the popularity of coffee in all parts of the world.

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