Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Women

Kegel exercises for women

Kegel exercises are those simple ‘clench and release’ type movements by the pelvic muscles that many people have seen on exercise guides. It strengthens the pelvic floor which is the part of the body around the genitals. Although the internet offers unbelievable benefits of these exercises such as vaginal tightening, it is necessary to know the best Kegel exercises for women, in terms of safety and benefits.

Pelvis has numerous muscles in it all of which help to hold the organs at once. But weak pelvic muscles can lead to various problems such as uncontrol bladder movement. Fortunately, these exercises are a real-time help for both men and women who can try them at home, without going anywhere.

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Kegel exercises for women have significant benefits because there are many things in a woman’s life that can change their pelvic strength. To name a few, pregnancy, aging, obesity, and delivery are only a few things that may affect the womb support, bowel movement, and bladder control in women.  When the pelvic muscles are weak, it may result in urinary incontinence, sexual health problems, and fecal discharge.

Kegel exercises for women are more muscle oriented. For starting, some experts recommend using a clean finger inside the vagina and gently rubbing the muscles around it. It is easy to spot the pelvic muscles by a simple trick. Try holding the pee while urinating and the muscles that are strained while doing it are the pelvic muscles.

It is important to remember the contraction and relaxation of these muscles to know if the exercises are targeting them or not.  However, this method should not be repeated every day, the purpose of these tricks is to give an idea about what’s the target for these Kegel exercises in women.

Note- those who are still not clear about the pelvic muscles can talk to a doctor about it. doctors use various methods to identify and locate these muscles such as biofeedback training.

When done rightly, the Kegel exercises for women are likely to show results within a few weeks. For some people, it may take a few months but it is evident that all users who try these simple exercises receive some sort of benefit from them.

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Following the Kegel movement is easy. All it takes is to tense the pelvic floor for three seconds and then releasing them for three seconds. Repeating it six to ten times in three sets is ideal. there are many video tutorials explaining how to repeat these movements. However, only if a woman is able to identify the pelvic muscles, she can feel if these muscles are being contracted and released or not.

There are no side effects or dangers of doing Kegel exercises. But in pain or any other discomfort show up, it means the person is not doing it right. It requires a good understanding of the technique, knowledge of pelvic muscle, and practice to do it right. Don’t exercise with a full bladder and never overdo these exercises to avoid undesirable effects.

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