Storing Cucumbers in Refrigerator is a ‘Big Mistake’

big mistake

It is highly uncommon to go through the instructions when it comes to storing food. Not many people check the storage guidelines mentioned on the label. And it is a common behavior to just shove everything inside the fridge after getting home from a grocery shopping. But is this technique really safe for health? The health experts say it is not, because some foods such as cucumbers should never be stored inside a fridge. They call it a big mistake and it is not along with the only food item that people store wrong.

Storing different food items wrongly could bring adverse side effects in terms of health. It could also change the texture and even taste of the food. Hence it is necessary to know which type of foods should go inside a fridge and which of them should be left outside.

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The standard food storage guidelines often confuse people. Sometimes it is definitely confusing to know that the food items that we always keep inside a fridge are advised to keep on kitchen shelves.

One most confusing food item for storage is cucumbers which more than 80% of people keep inside a fridge.

Contrary to popular usage, health experts suggest storing cucumbers on kitchen shelves. It is rather surprising for people because they keep cucumbers, like many other vegetables, inside their fridge. Is that really a big mistake?

This heated discussion started when a popular Facebook group Feeding a family on £1 a day published a graphic illustration of food storage. People are posting all types of comments under this post and one of them even questioned how could a person not store cucumbers in a fridge?

Some people are comparing this ‘big mistake’ with another mistake of adding milk into tea. They are also referring to other common everyday things such as putting milk before cereal in a breakfast bowl or cutting the sandwiches lengthwise.

Most people share that they store all vegetables inside a fridge. But the graphical image tells that all of them are doing wrong as certain vegetables such as peppers, garlic or broccoli should never be inside a fridge. However, other veggies like carrots, green beans, and broccoli can be inside a fridge.

Only a few people actually keep cucumbers outside the fridge but that is not because they find it a big mistake. It is because they are going to use it immediately or when they don’t require cucumbers to be cold.

On the other side, there is some research evidence that shows that cucumbers are highly temperature-sensitive. And when someone stores them at room temperature, they last for a longer period.

People storing potatoes in the fridge say that they experiencing early sprouting of potatoes when they are stored at room temperature. Keeping them inside a fridge prevents this early sprouting and they can keep them for long, without changing the taste or texture.

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Some of the fruits such as berries, grapes, and cherries are stored inside the fridge but other fruits like apples, mangoes, avocados, or bananas should be stored outside it. However, just like vegetables, there are mixed comments on how to store fruits to increase their life.

Most people store every food item inside their fridges to make them last longer. Some of them consider storing them in the fridge if that food product was inside a fridge when they bought it. Otherwise, they store it at room temperature.





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