A Bangladeshi Doctor Gets Covid-19 Three Times in a Row

Three times Covid-19

While the health experts are studying the reemergence of coronavirus in some patients, a doctor from Bangladesh has reportedly been diagnosed with Covid-19 three times since this pandemic started.

This doctor, Dr. Das has been tested positive three times for Covid-19 with only six months difference between the first and third time. The scientific advisors believe that it is probably due to a long-dormant stage of the virus. But this re-infection has raised questions on the herd immunity associated with this virus. If people are getting the virus, again and again, there are high chances that the coronavirus antibodies fade away within weeks.

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Dr. Das first got coronavirus in April when this pandemic was at a peak and he was working among the frontline medics to control it. Fortunately, he was able to recover from it and started working again. But after a few weeks, a got fever again along with loss of appetite and body pains which are characteristic signs of the coronavirus. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 for the second time in July. After this re-infection, he followed complete isolation. After one week, his tests came back negative and he started working in the hospital again.

Surprisingly, the Covid-19 symptoms showed up for the third time in October’s second week and the diagnostic test confirmed that he was infected again. But is that possible for a person to contract the virus three times repeatedly?

Scientific experts say that probably this virus was inside in his body for all this duration, in a dormant form. And whenever it got a chance, it initiated the Covid-19 symptoms. But this case is not been analyzed and verified by the research experts.

On the other side, British experts have rejected this news saying it is nonsense and a false story.

The research on Covid-19 cases shows that immunity built against the virus after getting the infection for the first time only lasts for a short period. So it is possible for a person to get the infection again and again. This mechanism is the same as that of flu which can hit a person many times repeatedly.

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The biggest study conducted by British scientists on understanding the coronavirus associated immunity has been published recently. It suggests that coronavirus reinfection is highly likely within six to twelve months of getting the first infection.

Those who belong to the high-risk groups such as diabetic people, older adult children, or people with weak immunity may have to struggle more even after recovering from the virus in the first place. The reinfection or repeated disease is dangerous for them and increases the chances of death.

This case of Dr. Das has been highlighted by international media. But the details about Dr. Das are not released yet. There is no accurate information about the underlying health conditions of Dr. Das. The only thing that is known is that probably his line of work has exposed him to the Covid-19, all three times.





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