Primary Care Scholar Program By Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine To Provide A Debt-free Medical Education

Nov 6th marks the date when Geisinger and Geisinger commonwealth school of medicine announced the “Geisinger primary care scholar program” to provide a debt-free medical school. It would also cover the living expenses for the students who -after graduation- are determined to do work with the health system in the primary care sector. This program will increase the health care quality in the communities under the Geisinger Service Area.

The average debt for medical students who want to seek higher education and career at the national level is $200,000. In the country, it is suspected that the number of physicians for the primary will become less in the coming years.

To resolve this problem Geisinger commonwealth school of medicine provides debt-free education to the students who are interested in primary care to peruse their career in it.

After completing the residency students will have to commit working with the Geisinger for four years. They will involve in helping to expand health care centers in the communities under Geisinger services area through the different programs like Primary Care Redesign, Geisinger 65 Forward, My code Community Initiative, Geisinger at Home.

According to Dr. Jaewon Ryu, the President and Chief Executive officer at Geisinger that it was proved that paying attention to the quality of primary care can improve outcomes, increase the satisfaction level of patients, and lower the cost. By building some innovative plans and programs on the notion that what primary care is and how and where it is delivered, we can train the next generation of physicians.

The debt-free medical school will be able to help scholars financially and also, they will be able to learn in a positive and comfortable environment.

Only 40 students will select each year for the medical class through a competitive test after the inter exams. Criteria for the selection include financial needs, passion, diversity, academic merit and prediction about whether the applicant can work and stay in the Geisinger service area.

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The students will give the full free tuition and $2,000 per month for four years of medical education. Federal military and Public Health Service scholarships supported the structure of Geisinger hard work related to primary care.

According to Steven .J. Scheinman, MD, executive vice president and chief academic officer at Geisinger and also the Dean of Geisinger commonwealth school of medicine that this is a better opportunity for the student to commit their career in the field of primary care with this debt-free school.

The innovative curriculum includes active learning, community engagement, clinical experiences and puts great emphasis on primary care teaching. The way Geisinger serves will leave a great impact on the community regarding the success of primary care. The program will not only train the medical students but also prepare them to generate innovative ideas in the future for better care.

Last year an Abigail Geisinger Scholars program was implemented by the Geisinger. It was honored in the name of the founder of this system. Previously only 10 students were selected and were given free education for four years and after completion of service, they were forgiven as a Geisinger physician with different specializations.

Now Geisinger expands this program for the scholars with the selection of 40 students each year. Also, make changes and bring innovations in the curriculum that emphasis on primary care and make it compulsory for every student to serve the community in the primary care field for four years.

The system founded 100 years ago by the Abigail Geisinger includes 13 campuses of hospitals, two centers for research, a 600,000member health plan, and a Geisinger commonwealth school of medicine. Geisinger improves its economies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania by making billions of dollars annually.

Geisinger commonwealth schools provide the community-based education of medical. It has many campuses in Atlantic city, Sayre, Scranton, Danville, Doylestown, and Wilkes Barre. It offers the following degrees: Doctor of Medicine, Master of Biomedical Sciences, and professional sciences masters.

The school has a residency of more than 500 students and 23 accredited fellowships and 31 accredited residency programs. For more information click this website and contact at this helpline 507-808-3344 (Matthew Van Stone).

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