Pope Francis Calls “Gossips” to be Worse Pandemic than the Coronavirus

gossip pandemic

The 83 years old Pope Francis urges everyone not to gossip or spread rumors about others, calling it a worse pandemic than the on-going coronavirus. He also said that gossiping was one of the reasons which made the Roman Catholic Church divide which is why one should not do anything that can be identified as gossiping.

The worshippers were gathered at St Peter’s Square at Vatican City to listen to the Pope’s weekly address. Pope Francis delivered the address through his window which is right above the St Peter’s Square.

Pope advised people to never gossip saying that everyone should put efforts not to involve in such things as gossiping is as bad and deadly as the coronavirus pandemic or maybe worse. He further said that the devil is indeed the biggest gossip lover because he is always behind everyone saying bad things about them in addition to lies that are morally and ethically wrong. He also declared gossips and lies can split the Church which is why everyone should refrain from them.

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This address was unscripted and the Pope added that if there is something wrong, the best is to remain quiet and pray for the person who is at mistake. However, not, in any case, one should start gossip about them.

Interestingly this is not the first time that the religious leader has emphasized not gossiping. Back in 2016, he shared a similar statement calling the priests and nuns to avoid gossiping and spreading rumors within the church.

Another time in 2018 while addressing at St Peter’s Square, he again mentioned gossiping and how it damages everything. According to him, the human tongue is capable of killing a person just like how a knife can kill a person. He narrated the human tongue to be equally deadly which is why remaining silent is the better idea.

The worshippers gathered after two months of the coronavirus lockdown to attend the Pope’s address at St Peter’s Square in the month of May but they were asked to follow the strict social distancing practices.

After six months, Pope Francis has finally delivered his first public address and a public appearance which was followed every week before the pandemic hit. It seems like the Vatican is returning back to normal yet people are advised to be careful of their surroundings.

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The Palm Sunday was celebrated behind the curtains because of the on-going pandemic in April. There was no public address or speech from Pope but this weekly address looks like the first of all coming events.

Pope is all set to visit the Assisi (Italy) which would be his first visit after the pandemic. Italy was one of the earliest countries where coronavirus pandemic emerged and with 277,000 cases and 35,500 deaths, it remains one of the worst-hit European countries.


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