NIH grants $7.2 Million to implement Cancer Prevention Programs to OCHIN

The National Cancer Institute, a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has granted $7.2 million to the Oregon Health & Science University Department of Family Medicine and OCHIN, Inc. It is to help and improve cancer prevention strategies and screening facilities.

This grant will help both organizations to develop new prevention and control plans. It includes setting up an “implementation research laboratory,” which would help in screen tests for underserved populations nationwide.

The BRIDGE-C2 Center is working in cancer research and to effectively achieve equitable diagnostic and treatment plans for everyone. There are strategies to make sure an early cancer diagnosis, which in turn will improve primary healthcare in cancer patients. These plans are to be made in accordance with pilot studies and implement through various modes and means.

OCHIN, Inc. is to ensure the implementation of all these strategies. It is a widely connected network of community health centers all across the nation that provides health care to millions of underserved patients. In collaboration with OCHIN’s novel setup, the BRIDGE-C2 Center will be able to evaluate and design such strategies, which are highly effective for cancer patients.

Jennifer DeVoe, M.D., D.Phil, is a professor and chairperson of the Department of family medicine in the OHSU School of Medicine and senior research adviser for OCHIN. He will be leading a team containing high skilled individuals from both OHSU and OCHIN.

She finds this collaborative effort to be real-time help. It would not just strengthen the partnerships between two institutes but also develop and incubate plans and disseminate these strategies to all health centers that fall under OCHIN.

OCHIN is a national nonprofit health IT organization. Since the last 20-year, it is working to create a healthier future of every community especially the underserved people. It is bringing new and advanced technologies for urban and rural communities that have no access to such facilities. It empowers many community health organizations that operate in the lower-income areas to deliver the highest quality healthcare to those who can’t afford it otherwise.

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OSHU is into academics and is a research university working for finding advanced health solutions. It carries studies that are related to diagnostics, prevention, and treatment of certain diseases. And also focuses on advanced training for physicians, dentists, nurses, surgeons, and other health professionals to understand the evolving health care trends.

This new partnership between OCHIN and OHSU is aimed to bring the best possible cancer screening and prevention irrespective of its cost. These new solutions are to be made available for every community so that cancer patients can beat the disease and improve their health. The prevention plans of cancer are quite obvious but there is a dire need to plan effective strategies that actually implement these recommendations i.e. tobacco cessation or regular screening tests etc.


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